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Mr. Boo
Author: CYS Submitted: 17th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 254
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By CYS on 9/17/2004

A small game created for the 24-hour competition at klik-me. This took me around 18 hours including sleep time and 9 hours without sleep time.

Anyway, the game is one of a kind, and is a pinball+pong+trampoline combination. Your aim is to keep climbing and climbing using 2 police at both sides to save the inflated mr. boo from falling.

Controls :
Right arrow - Police on the right
Left arrow - Police on the left

A product by Cysteine Creations :

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Posted by Cazra 17th September, 2004

simple yet fun! It'd probably make a great V-cade game. :)
Posted by CYS 18th September, 2004

Aha THANKS ALOT cam_cox for the reviews and the snerlin for the comments. It's made in just 9 hours (not one week XD) so i couldn't make it as detailed as i used to. And there is sounds, i guess something's wrong with the speakers. If you vote for a thumbs down, please post a comment saying why. That's a great way for me to improve.
Posted by Chris Och 18th September, 2004

I gave you a thumbs up CYS :). Cool game, with neat control scheme.
Posted by CYS 20th September, 2004

Woohoo thanks guys! Is there a trend in which speakers don' work? XD
Posted by The Chris Street 20th September, 2004

No. Just that Camcox (Down Town Dragon) and Billybobjoe are brothers and they use the same computer (and their speakers are boogered)
Posted by 醤油の兵士 24th September, 2004

this was a fun game:) you should make a vcade version Actually we have at least 5 computers in our house
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 25th September, 2004

Cool game CYS, again! Lol at billybobjoe's review, he wrote: "Overall 7/10" but he set 5/10 XD billybobjoe, try spell at least a few words right, or at least check it before submitting (yeah I know, my spelling suck too but whatever..)..
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 26th September, 2004

hey CYS, what's with cysteine site, why is it down?
Posted by Fieron(FieryProductions) 27th September, 2004

this is a cool game, good job ^_^
Posted by CYS 28th September, 2004

Oh, cysteine's will be down for quite a while. (for some reason XD)






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