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Review: Unrelenting 2: Stonehenge
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 16/01/2005

In a nutshell, this is definitly one of the finest klik games Ive played in a long time.

The story alone earns this game high marks. I'm not talking about the actual plot of the game, I'm talking about the characters, subplots, and interactions between the characters. From the very start you are introduced to some quirky characters, interesting side stories, and even a humorous shower scene. Yep, it's true.

Graphics are very nice. They are simple, but they all have a good style to them and match very well. One of the only issues you may notice involve your character walking in front of foreground objects, or behind background objects. In other words, if you walk behind a computer desk, you will be able to see your feet in front of the computer screen on the desk. But this is no big deal and in no way takes away from gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, nice! Controls are rock solid, and gun fights are great fun. You don't just start with teammates, you actually pick them up along the way. You can give them orders, tell them where to go, etc. You can also sneak around so enemies don't hear you, and knife them if you want to be stealthy.

Sounds are top notch. Very nice battle music kicks in when you get into a scuffle, and sound effects are just right.

I don't usually enjoy this kind of game, so I may not get as much lastability as someone else might. But for people who enjoy the "knife the terrorist" genre, it doesn't come any better than this.

This is also the best "talk box" system Ive ever seen. Characters have smooth conversations, and it blends seamlessly into gameplay.

The only suggestions I would have for later games would be save points during missions, and a little more time spent shuffle background/foreground objects into their correct "layers".

Great work.

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