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Review: Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders
Author: AfterStar
Added: 06/02/2005

I...really enjoyed the game,it was fun and very entertaining.

Presentation:Ehm...well ok...Its not the best presentation in the world,but its ok i guess,except for the fact that is making fun of Circy(maybe insulting him too).
Anyway who needs presentation when the game itself rocks YOUR WORLD UPSIDE ok just rocks !

Gameplay:I really like the style they used for the game,the character getting different powers and transforming into something different each time they ..."suck" an enemy was
I liked the Kirby like technique they used,and i didn't noticed any bugs that would make the game frustrating or bad.
The difficulty was quite right,neither hard nor easy,but i think it could be better.
Because each time i came up with a bunch of enemies i just throw myself in,"suck" one enemy,then get hit to change to normal character and "suck" the next one ect.
making the game...quite easy.
There wasn't much of a strategy to work on,but that didn't make the game less enjoyable.

Graphics:The GFXs...well,ok i can say they are decent and characters from classic games like Mario and megaman are created in a 2 pixel border world which looks nice.
As you can all noticed by now,its teliberately(spelled right?) created in Circy's 2 pixel border style but..heh better.Anyway nice job with the Gfxs guys.

Sounds and Music:Sounds and musics i suppose are ripped off from the original NES games and all,but are very good implemented into the game,
there were no annoying sounds(...except maybe when Circy is "sucking") so it was nice to hear the sound effects and the music.

Lastability:I believe its a 1 time playing game.Once you finish it you won't play it again.
It took me an hour or so to finish the game,i lost a lot of times but i never give up playing it until i reach the end,because it was very fun to play.

Its going WAYY up to the HILL.GOTW for me!

And...because we have to defend both sides,i'm going to say a few more words.

First of all,Circy's games i think are fine and his style is unique.Nothing special,simple but nice.
Yes i know he lacks of creativity and all his games seem to be almost all the same...but i suggest you have a look around the downloads section,i'm sure you can find 10.000 games worst than this.

Jimmy the Pig,so what if he is an Administrator on TDC?That doesn't mean he has to be the best klik-game maker of the world...

After going through the comments section and looking back in history,i can see that podunkian and circy HATE each other for some reason...and are fighting like noobs!oO,Stop this stupidity right now!
This game could be better if the "mockery" was made in a "softer" way.Make fun of Circy's games its ok,but insult him and low him,its just unappropriate and childish.The "...sucking and dumbhead words,naked circy and stuff could be easily avoided and still make the game as fun as it is right now.

For this i'm taking 2 points out.

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