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Review: Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 07/02/2005

Some people don't know how to review games. For instance, one guy gave the game excellent presentation just because the character has a small penis; that person needs to seriously grow up. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon by reviewing the game based on its humour and attempts to insult myself.

Anyhow, onto the actual matter of the game. I don't dislike it as a game. It plays quite well, has a fairly solid engine with variable height jumping, and is possibly the first "Kirby" style klik game that I've seen. Swallow their abilities and you'll gain some seemingly random power, be it the ability to mimic Mario, Link, Megaman or a WW2 hero. You'll have a very tough time getting through the game without these abilities, as the enemies, while lacking in AI, are numerous, and often unfairly positioned.

I managed to get to the Nazi style level, where from then on the game appeared to be extremely rushed. Yet this game was actually in development for quite some time (easily before October). This level has photo backgrounds, and is easily the worst one I've played.

The music is pretty good. All the tunes were recogniseable modifications of older games. Can't tell if they were ripped and then modified, or entirely composed from scratch (and if they were, then it just goes to show how much effort these two guys put into insulting me, not to mention the games lengthy development time).

So, overall judgements. Obviously I still wonder why its necessary to continously unleash personal attacks on myself when I've done no wrong, and its for this reason only that Circy 3 is so popular. As a game alone its not bad, could be better.

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