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Review: Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders
Author: Daiz [Team Fire Games]
Added: 18/02/2005

I really had to Review this just because of FireMonkeys review. 1. Guten Tag means Good Day. 2. I personally think you are taking this bit too seriously. Circy reviewed it and gave it 6. So GTFO and get some sense of humour before reviewing games like these.

Okay, then the review itself:

Presentation: The Presentation is amazing. This game mixes up many old classics, such as Kirby, Megaman, Zelda, Mario and more. It's just amazing.

Gameplay: The gameplay is smooth, I didn't noticed any bugs or anything like that in the engine. Also the keys are good and Circy really does what the player wants him to do.

Graphics: Graphics are very good. Theyre draw clearly and in the Circy 2px borders style, and I like it Also the Hitler's face was amazing, very good

Sound and Music: The music that was running in the background fitted perfectly to the levels. "Stayin' alive" in the WWII level made me laugh out loud, just perfect Also the Circy voices made me laugh.

Lastability: Even that the game has only five (or was it six?) levels, it takes quite long to finish this game, because the levels are huge and very well designed. After you've finished you probably play it again just because it was fun, but after that you might forget it for a while and after week or more you find it from your hard drive, play it again and laugh again

So, overall this is one of the best platformers in Daily Click since last few months. So I really think that YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT AND PLAY IT!

Good job, Texmo and Podunkian, do Circy 4 and make it even better than this, you might even have 10!

Sound and Music:

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