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Author: Jason Orme
Added: 22/12/2005

Double Dragon: Fists Of Rage.

Once again MIG2 has impressed us, this time with a scrolling beat em up fangame based off the 1980's hit, Double Dragon.

Many have said "Why make a fangame when its good enough to be original". Simple. MIG Is not like others and makes games that he loves. A big fan of Arcade Games I understand.

Fists Of Rage plays just like a double dragon game, with its enemy A.I, level design and combat system this is better than many Double Dragon sequels. It even has the things we hated about the original double dragon just to make it that little bit more of a fangame.

The presentation is excellent. Simple title screen, menus and even comes complete with the "Neo-Geo" style "How To Play" screen, just like an original arcade game.

Gameplay is standard for your scrolling beat em up and is exactly like double dragon. There are more than enough moves as many you might not even use, but the amount keeps you entertained.
very few bugs, apart from the odd enemy getting stuck behind a wall. As said before it even comes with the flaws of the original double dragon, from loosing lives from a single enemy who wont let you back onto your feet, so the very nasty water hazards and jumping obsticles.
The game runs, plays and feels like a double dragon game, and if you didnt know, you would think you were playing the "lost double dragon game".

Graphics are stunning, yet simple. Alot of the character graphics are very simple looks, and animation is also basic, but it works and is pulled off great. Players, enemies and backgrounds look exactly like they should, unyet they have their own style about them.
Backgrounds too are wonderfully designed and there are not many tiled backgrounds, as most are uniquely detailed.

Sounds and music is simple. Sounds are not too noticable but the music just takes you way back as all original double dragon music is used.
Although the music does seem alittle too quiet.

This game is sure to last you awhile, and is quite difficult. Not only that, but its fun to go through again and again. Plus with what I think are "Unlockables" its sure to keep you busy.

Overall this is a classic, much like MIG2's Lost Valley which even now has many many downloads and was again an instant classic.

Lets just hope for a possible open source version, or a possible engine for other scrolling beat em up fanatics to use like myself as this is a solid engine.

I now cant wait for MIG's next installment.

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