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Author: X-Member24770
Added: 04/01/2006

If you like to beat the crap out of people, you'll like this game! This is an amazing fangame of Double Dragons for the SNES. It was completely inspired by it, but nothing other than it's ideas were used. All original graphics? Great Job!

Presentation- It was nice and straight forward. I belive MIG is foreign, not english, so I forgive him of any mistakes he's made typing english. This was a great presentation.

Gameplay- If you have ever played a DD game, then this is about as close as it gets. You fall and lose a life, get kicked enough you fall, etc. The only thing that was a concern to me was the cheap shots. I know that they had them in the original games, but they aren't fun to get stuck with.

Graphics- Great! 100 percent sweet, especially for 1 person doing them, and with the built in MMF sprite creator. This is all custom greatness. Another amazing thing about this game.

Sound and Music - Just like a SNES game!

Lastability- This game was very fun, and not exactly so easy, but it was worth my while. There are all kinds of hazards and stuff like that, which makes it even cooler. All great original graphics, inspired by some other SNES games. (not ripped) This game was amazing just like the old SNES games, and I would want to play it all the time, unfortunately its not too long. It will last you a little while to beat, but not forever. Even still I am playing this game, so I would say the Lastability is a 10, because I get sick of games easy. Good job with everything MIG, and good luck in the future. Great game. Play this game. It's amazing.

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