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Author: vrba79
Added: 22/03/2007

This should be the benchmark for Klik Beat-em-ups.
Double Dragon is of course a remake of the now dead series, With it's vibrant visuals, and excellent game play, only hindered by a couple of nagging problems.

The interface before you begin the game is kinda clunky, I couldn't get the keys to reassign no matter what I did. I've noticed the same happens in other games by the same author.

However the control is very tight, and very responsive, in some ways better then certain official Double Dragon incarnations! You have combos, and specials at your disposal, in addition to some nasty weapons that enemies sometimes drop.

Speaking of enemies, this is something that is almost TOO accurate, while the enemies are adaptive, will gang up on you, and know how to use the weapons. They can be easy to fool in some places, like right around corners, making it so they can't hit you, but you can hit them, but there are alot of bad guys here, and they all look fantastic.

The Levels are one of my nag points, like the originals, this game suffers from "Unfair Death" syndrome, such as the silly floor spikes that are a pain to navigate around, or the stairs on the zoo level, but other then a few glaring flaws the levels are well done, and don't all look the same, plus they go in multiple directions, the author did his homework.

Sound, I hate midi. But I suppose it's the best the author could find.

This is a game worth playing more then once, with multiple levels of difficulty, and the varied levels and bad guys this game despite suffering from some problems, does deliver!

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