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Review: Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse - Nightmare
Author: Midnight
Added: 29/07/2006

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse: Nightmare

is the first expansion of the three game series (unless HCRC II is made) These games are known for their difficulty, but remember, this game was made in honor of Ghouls n Ghosts!

The introduction is the same as the first game, giving a small recap of what's going on this time around. For nostalgia, it works, but the story *could* have been a little better, as to why it's "Nightmare". Just me though.

Flawless, unless you're a custom movement prick.
The controls are solid and if you die, it's not the game's fault. The game itself is in similar vein to the first, dozens of hell creatures each level and a hidden chest amongst them. Hey, it works, why change it?

The first game's graphics were funky but they worked (except for the stone throwing guy in the mountain stage). This game takes a much more serious tone and improves pre-existing graphics from the first. The enemies are large and nasty. The last boss won't even fit on the screen. Only if the death animations were as unique as the original's it would get a perfect score. But that's a minor gripe again

Sound and Music
The game features an awesome soundtrack including Iron Maiden's Don't Look into the eyes of a Stranger, Metallica's Master of Puppets and even Black Sabbath's Paranoid. I really liked the first bosses music, it pumps you up for a wicked fight. All the soundtracks fit the atmosphere and set the mood right. Nightmare Crusher is another fine example. Slayer's Angel of Death is a terrible song , but gives this wicked tone for a wicked fight.

The game's strong point. Even after beating the game countless times on every mode, from coward to
Hardcore Hell, the challenge is always there. The variety of weapons will make you want to choose something other than the kick ass saw or blue axe, and maybe try to beat the game with the gold sword or something. The secret weapon is awesome too, and not overpowered. Unlocking the blue and gold amour for Richard is for fun, but is awesome nonetheless.

The game is such a challenge but the ending is beautiful, just like the first games, and leaves the story open for the third game, Beyond Hell. I highly recommend this to anyone working on a platform game, or a horror game in general. This game is amazing!!!


Sound and Music:

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