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Review: Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse - Nightmare
Author: Roman-the-evil
Added: 01/08/2006

Ok, starting out...


Good title screen, immideatly creates the atmosphere of the game. Intro although not full of action or animation displays story well. Intro into game itself with its voice acting is great and once again contributes to dark atmosphere of the game. The only thing I did not like about the cutscene is that "map" of the world shown is flat and occupies a little bit of bottom of the screen. If you make a map of the world, might be a better idea to make a top-down view map with arrows showing character's movement and final destination. 9/10


Game is HARD. But if you play it for a while eventually you can learn how to deal with it. Run and jump around, turning back to shoot some more. Enemies are challenging. Bad things are weapon change system, which makes you either very weak against ghosts or very weak against physical enemies. This makes player just stick to best weapon found and do not even attempt to get another one temporary to wipe out ghosts or something like this. You should at least make player to be able to have 2 weapons to have better range of strategies. Also this fact that player is always weak against one type, makes player almost impossible to get out unharmed if both types of enemies are after him at the same time.
Quite good save system is in place. Although it allows player to cheat around with health packs, like pick up all health on level, save, load, pick all packs again, and same way to double the score per level. Levels do offer space to "strategically" jump around and over the monsters to get space to attack them, which is good. For a good player there is usually a good spot/area present where he can kill the monsters while getting out unharmed.
Several difficulty levels do offer additional challenge, especially they are fun to play if you complete the game several times straight to get highest score. Putting secret axe locations into cheat codes is not funny. Secret weapons are not that hard to find and you should have given a better reward for getting through hardcore mode.
Bosses are hard, and long to kill. But since it is quite easy to find out the pattern of boss's attacks, it won't take more than 2-3 tries to kill it, if you save and load on time.
I really liked the no mercy option in the game, which adds extra challenge and a bit of puzzle element, as you have to find the most efficient way to kill EVERY single monster.
Overall gameplay is good, challenging, and I'd say very oriented on certain category of players. Although every game maker makes games mosty for himself/herself, game is made so that some people will find it great and play it through several times, while others will find it too hard and frustrating and will give up almost instantly. Game is VERY hard until you find a better weapon, if you find a better weapon. It is always hard to find a better weapon, because you can not tell if the weapon you see in chest is better than yours until you try it and test it thoroughly. You should have at least made a list of weapons ranging from weakest to strongest in help file.
Gameplay: 7/10 Not as good as target audience is quite narrow. Not very balanced.


VERY well done. Graphics in this game are done with style, and are very atmospheric. Levels actually look like real places and are actually kinda scary. Or, better say, have a scary atmosphere. = Good job here. Monsters are cool. Unlike in many games these are ACTUALLY monsters.

Sound and music.

Sounds are fitting and atmospheric and allow player to know the situation, like know which monster is ahead, or did the monster die out of screen view, or did the chest appear. The only problem with sounds is there are so many at once, that one might miss the ping sound. I missed it several times and discovered the chest only because I backtracked across the level. You might want to make certain important sounds louder and actually have an option of sound and music volume.
Music is very good and fits the atmosphere. I liked it.
Speech during cutscenes is extremely well done. Thumbs up.


Good thing you made several difficulty levels, but still... there not as many unlockables to look for. This game will last 5 minutes for someone who finds it too hard, and it will last 2 or 3 days. That's about how much you need to learn and go through all 3/4 difficulty levels depending on which one you start off. Go through the whole thing again... yellow armour is not much of a reward, and cheat codes are not that fun, from what's Ive seen so far. Make more unlockables, and may be minigames and such.


I liked the game. Some people will not. Game is overall good, and obviously lots of effort went to it. Good presentation, stylish graphics, voice acting, fitting sounds, good music, very well done atmosphere, these are the features of this game. I reccomend people who find it too hard, to practise more. At least for half an hour. You will see that game is not as "TOO HARD" as it seems at first. Personally I'm looking forward for next part. Good job.

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