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Review: NovaWare: Typed
Author: alperoz49
Added: 24/12/2007

Presentation was too vein which i use sometimes to hide the foolishness of my games you can only understand that actually the game is very serious and well designed after you play the game.But for those who havent played yet ,the presentation of this game is unneccesarily annoying.

ahh the gameplay the most important thing in gaming history.No need to say much thing about it , it is simply almost perfect. You have to do simple moves in short period of time maybe you even cant notice the bugs if they exist.:) one question : how dou you expect that we should know about your first game :) some of the games are very hard forexample the keyboard game but opposite of it do not press a key game is easier than easy :) this game does not stop , it is aliveeee... just choose one.PLAY or DONT PLAY! once you start there is no return !

well if we compare with GTA IV gfx. :))) this term is always misunderstood.what means "OMG look at the gfx" what if i cant play the game properly ? and then we should talk about the gameplay and gfx together. i really dont expect to see overrated gfx in this game.They areee alll the way they should be..simple , handmade , 2D , fun and there are many of them. non of the mini game has same sprites.Yes they could be better but do i want to see better graphics in such game ?

i love the enterance music.dont know if it is library or homemade. the backgroud music becomes boring after a while. sounds are ok i like it.yes yes yes yes yes...

this is the main feature of the game.Lastability. more than lastability the game makes you addictive.but i need more more more games.still enough to keep you in game.of course some of the mini games may be boring but we must judge it by looking game as a total.

Some games win with their creativity , they make gfx useless , meaningless they just make you addicted to the game by using some unknown powers :) This one is one of them. It can be a great game series with more and more mini games.

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Posted by Tim 25th December, 2007

See you got 114 Awesome score dude! Thanks a lot for the great review!!!


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