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Review: NovaWare: Typed
Author: Jason Orme
Added: 10/01/2008

NovaWare: Typed is the name of the game and for what it is, is greatly presented.

Bassically its a WarioWare clone, the few second long mini games where you are thrown in the deep end and must observe what you see and act fast. Being the type of game it is theres a great variety in games all of which can be done with minimalistic movement and commands, if its catching your hat caught in the breeze or shaking a wine bottle they are all executed very well.

The graphics are simple if not somtimes surreal and like that of WarioWare each mini-game can have their own theme even game related, Jamie the authers mascot of course being one of them (not sure if its male or female, a dog or a cat but its there). Eitheway all the graphics are fun.

As far as sound and music go theres nothing really that noticeable or catchy, but then you havn't got time to enjoy the music.

Unfortunatly the game isn't one you will go back to. Once you have played all the mini games you are pretty much done. Of course the one great feature is the online high score which can be submitted on the authers website and compared with other players. Other than that great addition there isn't anything else for you. Of course the beauty of a game of this nature is the ability to add new content (although I beileve there hasn't been any updates as of yet).

Overall NovaWare: Typed serves its purpose as a collection of odd mini-games much like WarioWare and is definatly a welcome addition to the line-up of Klik Games / Genres.

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