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Review: Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 28/02/2008

If you're into oldschool platformers (SMB2 in particular) and fat jokes, then Stargirl is for you! This is a very well made platformer made in an incredibly short amount of time- just two weeks!

The game throws you right into the mix with a simple mission: Complete levels, eventually leading to a final boss, then save something (in this case your scooter).

I would have liked a bit more plot at the beginning, but the game gets going well enough.

Gameplay is where this game really outdoes the rest. This engine is very solid and very profesional. It's easily as good as the games it's inspired by, and in my opinion the best engine in a klik game so far this year. Controls are responsive, and hit detection is spot on.

Graphics are also top notch. The worlds are all unique and beautifully drawn. Colors are vibrant, and almost every screen is filled with great details. Very well done. My only complaint would be that the main character is probably the least interesting thing to look at! :P But that's a minor complain, .1 point deducted, still averages a 10 overall.

Sounds a music are fine, and certainly don't take away from the game. While not AS good as the graphics, the music is catchy, and the sound effects are perfectly chosen.

Lastability will be very high for most platformer fans, especially considering how well made the engine is. There are also saves and checkpoints to encourage players to keep trying. The game would have been better served with a bit more story to help drive the player forward. Right now, there really isn't a plot device to compel you to keep playing, you will simply have to want to beat another level. For many players that will be reason enough!

Overall this is a wonderfully made platformer that should entertain most gamers. It is well thought out with rich worlds, fun enemies, a solid engine and a good challenge. Highly recommended for any gamer!

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