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Review: Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 24/04/2009

Presentation: Worthy of a Fallen Angel production, Stargirl and the etc. is easy on the eyes. I dig the main menu, combining the basic menu elements with the story of the game and the credits. Other than that, everything fits perfectly to a retail SNES game feeling.

The gameplay has the typical platformer with the ability to lift rocks and such and toss them all of the place. I'm glad Bernie made it such a key element instead of just having it as an extra feature, it makes things more interesting, together with the fact Stargirl doesn't jump very high nor has some fancy weapon at her disposal. Still I was sometimes frustrated with the "over-blockiness" of Stargirl, but maybe it's just me.

The graphics are not bad at all, I would've been happier to see a wider usage of colors, maybe that was Bernie's intention but I felt like the screens are a bit bland at times.

The music is fun and catchy, I didn't mind listening to it without actually playing. The sound effects are on the spot, fit the game's style and aren't annoying.

Lastability: I doubt you'll return to this game once you complete it. When you finish it - that's it. Nothing new to see or aspire to.

Overall Stargirl and Co. is a nifty experience everything should give a shot. It's still a platformer in a sea of click platformers, that's for sure, but you'll probably enjoy this one more than the others, or at least most of them.

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Posted by AndyUK 25th April, 2009

Yeah i agree with the colours. It seems that's just Bernie's style. However just because you don't need to use loads of colours doesn't mean more colours wont make a game look nicer.
Posted by Ecstazy 25th April, 2009

Yeah of course, but like I said there were certain moments I did miss a few more colors. Since that wasn't the situation for all screens, maybe it was just a "wrong" combination of colors that made me feel that.
Posted by AndyUK 27th April, 2009

I'm agreeing with you lol.


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