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Review: Super Smash Bros. Awesome
Author: DJ Klikster
Added: 20/06/2008

Right from the get go you'll feel those new game goosebumps, and if that doesn't key you off that this is more than the usual fan game fodder you find on the Daily Click then I dare say you're kinda dummy dumb in the head.

There's just SO MUCH to this game, it's really crumbelievable how much Sakurai managed to cram pack into this Klik & Play jewel. We finally have our OFFICIAL PC Smash Brothers game, working on systems as early as Windows 3.1!

All the options a hardcore fighting fan would ever need are present in this game. You can finally stick it to all your snobby friends and show them that Smash Brothers is the definitive battler of your generation. The online multiplayer kicks Brawl's excuse for connectivity in the shins and then calls it grandpa, because that's exactly what it looks like compared to the awesome technological advances on display here. All your angry phone calls and death threats have been heard, this game packs an online experience that only the PC platform could handle. There's so many new aspects added to gameplay and keeping up with it will require an amount of finesse not yet seen at high-level play, but I'm confident that the Smash community will soon embrace this game and kick much tail with the intricacies available.

Screenshot 1

If you've been paying attention to the screenshots so far, then you're quite aware that this game looks nothing short of breath-taking. Fortunately Sakurai does not buy into "bigger is better" and keeps the same fine principles he learned from his outing on the Wii. The only reason someone would dock points here is because of their inability to grasp the concept that a game may not be technically impressive but still remain a more than competent piece of art work. Those people need to get out of momma's basement and smell the coffee, this game's graphics kick ass!

Screenshot 2

The usage of cues in this game to enhance the brand new story mode is incredible. All of the battle tunes will get your blood pumping, and even if they don't the game gives you a sweet option to remix your own tracks. Just goes to show that Sakurai really did think of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in this iteration of Smash Brothers. I've docked it five points because the game did not feature the DK Rap. Fortunately this is just a personal bias and I'm sure you'll find the selection on hand more than suitable.

Screenshot 3

As I've mentioned before, this game is jam-packed with features. There's no way you'll get bored of this any time soon, it's truly everything you'd expect from a new entry in the Smash Brothers series (and so much more). Add this on to the fact that we have flawless online multiplayer, a new fighting system that really makes you think more than ever before, and all kinds of possibilities for even HIGHER levels of play... If I had to survive on a desert island and I had only a first-aid kit, some cans of beans, canteens of water, a piece of steel, some flints, charcloth, tow for tinder, two tin boxes, and Smash Brothers Awesome, I would be dead within 72 hours. I would forget to drink, eat, use the bathroom, or sleep in lieu of playing the game, much as I have already done. I'm kind of upset at myself for spending so much time writing this review when I could be playing Smash Brothers Awesome. Need I say anything but 10?

Screenshot 4

This is certainly a very portable title, I'll be surprised if we don't see it on every platform under the sun. I think even Sony and Microsoft will have to pay large sums of money to license this title out, because fighting fans won't be able to touch another game in the genre after experiencing Smash Brothers Awesome. If this game were available for purchase then this is where I'd plead you to spend your money at once, but seeing as how Sakurai has made this game COMPLETELY FREE in some bout of insanity, you have no excuse. Download this immediately and find out what all the fuss is about, Smash Brothers Awesome is AWESOME!

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Posted by CloakBass 20th June, 2008

10/10 excellent review, would read again.
Posted by Codemonkey 21st June, 2008

This game sucks.
Posted by MBK 25th June, 2008

Why 3 Joke reviews of a Joke game ? ... wasn't one enough ?



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