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Review: Lil' pirate
Author: alastair john jack
Added: 29/09/2008

The long awaited Lil' Pirate has finally arrived!
From the opening menu to the actual levels, this game is very cohesive in style. It is consistent and feels very polished as a whole.

Thankfully the menu contains all that is needed and is very quick and simple so you can get on with the game's core content. The levels themselves have been well designed with many challenges and rewards which keeps the game entertaining. What I really enjoy about this game is the variety of powerups and weapons that are scattered around every level, this really helps create an exciting diverse experience. As most of us are familiar with platform games the controls are easy to learn and adapt. Perhaps what players might find most annoying with the game is the way that the player is punished. Any mistake you make will be punished by death and you will have to replay the level from the begging. Storing your lives is important as a gameover will put you back at the start of the stage if you choose to load. Thankfully the shop allows you to buy an "extra hit" but I think this feature should have been freely given.

The graphics in this game have been really well made, a vast improvement from Andy's early work. The characters are very bright and vibrant and the levels are a pleasure to look at. The colour choices do seem to work together and compliment each other, with little conflict. The graphics are wonderfully made and fits well with the way the game plays.

Initially I was a little disappointed by the lack of sounds and music on the opening menu but thankfully we are not kept in silence for long! The music is quick to kick in and helps the game stay alive and filled with life. The game is filled with clean simple sound effects that represent each effect rather well, however I do think it could have benefited with some sound effects for when you use your weapon (for those without).

Thanks to the variety of weapons and powerups this game will not quickly become stale. The levels are a good length and they all vary enough to keep it fun. Thankfully replaying the levels (which you will do) is not too much pain initially as they have been well designed, but it can become a little tedious at times since there is not much of a health system.

Overall this is a very solid release from AndyUK, if you're up to a fresh challenge this game is definitely for you!

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Posted by AndyUK 29th September, 2008

Actually the sounds were quickly thrown in in about an hour so I'm not totally happy with them. But since Buzz the squirrel 2 had none at least it's an improvement eh?
Posted by viva/volt 30th September, 2008

Yay nice review alspal!



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