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Review: Dracula
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 25/04/2018 22:05:01

The presentation of Dracula is good. I love the story and story cutscenes. I especially loved the life meter. I guess it's a nod to Luigi's Mansion with it shrinking to show the health has decreased. But the some the text in the levels like long fall in the second level are a bit generic being black. And in my opinion, it shouldn't be there because even though you are letting the player know that the fall is going to long. It just feels out of place and why would Dracula if put that in his castle.

The gameplay of Dracula is good but has a few hiccups. The difficulty of the game was fairly challenging for 4/5s of the game. I had a few butt clenching moment of almost facing death. But I would get myself healed before I would die so in the first 4 levels of the game I beat them all on my first try. But the 5th level. Oh, this level can go die in a fire. This level is really hard and it's the only level where I died and it took me around 10-15 tries to beat it. The overall level is, of course, have to be challenging because it's the last level in the game which I agree and by the 9th or 14th try (I don't know, I didn't keep track) the level became not that bad of complete because I had memoried the level. But the level left a bad taste in my mouth because it revealed some of the problems of the game. Which some were already showing themselves in previous levels. First of the problems is that the enemies are grouped with each other. What I mean by this that enemies were pretty much right next to each other which kind of looks a bit bad. Additionally, I didn't like how some asset is sized and place. The grass platforms are way too big. I say this because they go through other objects and it looks horrible. And some assets that have path movement like the spinning spikes also go through other object and look very unprofessional. Second of the problems is that there is no pause button. This bad because when I was in Level 5, around the 3 or 4 try. I stop playing thinking nothing was going to happen in an area with no enemies. So I when and used the bathroom and got some more water. And when I came back I was dead (most likely from the ghost). Serious almost every game has a pause button. Like my situation what if have to use the bathroom or you go to do something. Sorry, it just makes no sense. Third of the problems is some cheap design. For example, the sharks in level 4 and in level 5 are way too big and I tried to get past them with killing them but I always result in losing some of my health. The only way to get past the sharks is to kill them and speaking of killing enemies besides the sharks and fish, all of the other enemies take way too long to kill them. They should dead in at maximum 3 hits but they million of years to kill. (I'm just kidding but you get the point). Anyways back on track. There was a point in the level where I glitch through the floor and I was trying to get out and then the ghost came and killed me. This was extremely frusting. But it's is made worst by my final problem. The fourth and final problem is there are no checkpoints. This the flaw the make me want level 5 to die in a fire. When you die you go all the back to the beginning of the stage which is frustrating because that level 5 is hard and that the levels are very long (Which I get to in the lastability). And when you are on the 5 or 10 try, it gets very frustrating in you just want to start off where you left off.

The graphics of Dracula are pretty good. Though I wish there was more animation in the background. Like, have the flames of the torches move. Things like that. But the only stage that had an excellent background was level 3. I loved the mountains they look like they are from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I found the enemies with the rocket launcher, pirararas, and sharks not to fit with the other enemies. And why are villagers having pitchfork or spears? If the villager gets into Dracula's castle wouldn't use things that would kill Dracula like wooden stakes, garlic, or other things that would kill a vampire/Dracula.

The sound and music are pretty good. I love the music for levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 and all of the SFX but didn't like level 3's music. To me, it just didn't fit with the level in my opinion. Also wished there was a shooting SFX from the rocket launcher enemies.

The lastability is good I say this because it took me two hours to beat Dracula, which is very long compared to most Daily Click games which are pretty short. And the levels are pretty long which is good and bad at the same time. It's good in that longer levels means a longer game with more time to enjoy the good gameplay. But it's bad in that with when you die you go back to the beginning of the level and to me, it feels like the levels just drag on longer than they should have ended. This could be remedy with the levels being shorter or splitting the level into acts like in Sonic.

Overall Dracula is a good game. It presentation, gameplay (but a few hiccups), graphics, sound/music, and lastability are really good. A really good first offical game for BigAl0104. Good job, I enjoyed it!

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Posted by BigAl0104 9th June, 2018

I've updated the game a couple days ago, I've only added a pause button. Not much has changed, I just wanted to add a pause button and that's it!


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