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Author: BigAl0104 Submitted: 21st April, 2018 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 92

Edited By BigAl0104 on 07/03/2022

When Dracula leaves his castle for ONE hour, someone has let a bunch of villagers into it. When he returns, he must run through five areas in his castle and find out who let them in. Can you make it?

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump
X: Shoot Fireballs
P: Pause Game
ESC: Exit Game

Gameplay Trailer:

Note: This is my very first official game, so it's really short, and it only has 5 levels plus a final boss level. It's not that exciting, but it's a start!

Note #2: Since the game's short, there's no saving, so if you restart or quit the game, you'll have to start all the way from the beginning.

*WARNING*: If your computer detects the game as a virus, please do the following. Firstly before you download it, make sure to exclude your browser's downloads folder from being scanned by your anti-virus software as well as the location where the game will be stored. That way so your anti-virus won't be able to scan any excluded areas where the game will be contained. Believe me, I had to do it too...

-v1.1.7 details: Reverted the game back to its original 4:3 aspect ratio, and made some minor audio modifications.

Any questions or concerns, please visit my website:


Game by BigAl0104
Game created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with MS Paint

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Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018
Rated :

Awesome gameplay, awesome graphics and awesome music! But DAMMMNNN is this game hard!
But this is incredible for a first game!
Good job!
Posted by BigAl0104 21st April, 2018

Thanks man!
Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018
Rated :

@BigAl0104 Np!
Posted by BigAl0104 28th June, 2018

Game's been updated once again!
Posted by LordHannu 31st January, 2020

I remember this game well from you.
Posted by BigAl0104 31st January, 2020


Classic first game






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