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Review: Yeah Guys Ultra
Author: Eagle32123
Added: 30/06/2002

YGU is a pretty cool game that combines the thrills of blowing your best friend up (or worst friend depending on the case), using a small array of weapons.
In the single player, you go up against a some what idiotic, and just plain annoying computer player, who has the IQ of a house hold plant.
The levels for single player are rather well made, and the weapons, though small in quantity, are ok. Tip for next version: include more weapons, and randomize the drop down location of the weapons and items.
The multiplayer mode is probly where this game shines the most. The levels for multiplayer are very well made, tho the one with the bricks reminded me very much of Lierro (an old worm game).
I personally liked the MULTIPLAYER mode best. The single player, however, needs some drastic changes as far as CPU AI is concerned. Also, the "hidden" multiplayer level didnt seem to work all that great on my computer, but it may have been bcuz of my resolution (800x600).
Also, one more thing: the starting locations for the players needs to be randomized (or changed) each time the player dies. Other wise, all u have to do is kill the opponent, then stand in clear view of where he regenerates and pound him till u win.
Overall, i must say that as far as multiplayer is concerned, this game has great potential, if a few things can be fixed.
The singleplayer, however, needs some drastic changes.


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