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Yeah Guys Ultra
Author: Ashman Submitted: 28th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 1549

This is a platform shoot em up game in which you can play either your friends or the computer. It also has features such as stats and multiple arenas. The fro men are at again as this is a special edition of the previous Yeah Guys. Find out more about them by visiting

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Posted by Simdrone052 29th June, 2002

this reminds me of the Miraculous Quest (the newest one) character styles...
Posted by Simdrone052 29th June, 2002

Ok, the game is fun, but when you fight in one player mode, if you just stand there, so does the other guy, it woud be better to make him come after you, so there is a sence of paranoia...
Posted by Klik2B 29th June, 2002

To tell you all...The link ain't working!!!!!!!!!
Posted by MasterM 29th June, 2002

this is weird. for me the download doesn't work. if i click on the link i get linked to the site where i have to download it with the text when i click on the text i'll get linked to the site with the text again. it's a loop and YES i used the left mouse button
Posted by xXAaronXx 29th June, 2002

doesnt let me download, every time i click the link the page just reloads
Posted by Lew 29th June, 2002

Works for me-and this game is great in multiplayer! I agree with the AI being a bit...follow the leader type thing...but still, great game
Posted by vigge 29th June, 2002

i'd better d/l it :)
Posted by vigge 29th June, 2002

it works for me....
Posted by MasterM 29th June, 2002

xXAaronXx I know what you mean
Posted by matrixkitty 29th June, 2002

d!mn it it wont download please fix cause i loved the original
Posted by AfterStar 29th June, 2002

Can't download it either!It downloads it for 1sec and it stops,saying bad file or something!
Posted by 29th June, 2002

Hmm.....i just downloaded this game. Don't see what the trouble is
Posted by ShadowCaster 29th June, 2002

The download worked for me O_o Try turning off download resuming programs if you have them. ~Mike
Posted by Ashman 29th June, 2002

OK. It is hosted by Prohosting so it will goto a 'this file is hosted by..' page. Just simply click on the link and it should go there and then click on the second link. Complex I know. Sorry. Second, the AI is meant to be like that. He will only respond to what you are doing. But occasionally he will come to you if you are not moving.
Posted by Simdrone052 29th June, 2002

This file works for me, it is not ASHMAN's problem that the file wont work for you, so stop complaining. Get Download Accelerator from it is a resuming program, and it worked for me, so, hmmmm...
Posted by ACE_Spark 30th June, 2002

I noticed that you used MegaMan X and Sonic music.. not that theres anything wrong with that, cus it suits the game. :) Odd, with a few bugs (ie, after beating the comp you go to the TWO player screen) and I don't like the movement very much either.. The AI isn't too intelligent, but he does his job. :) Also.. the graphics are.. odd? :-p
Posted by Andy T 30th June, 2002

doesnt download! that sUx0rs. please put it somewhere else as i want to play it!!!
Posted by SluGGo 30th June, 2002

The Download works perfect
Posted by matrixkitty 30th June, 2002

its sez its an html file
Posted by Eagle32123 30th June, 2002

it downloaded fine for me. Good work on the multiplayer, just make some more work on singleplayer, and this game will be a classic!
Posted by Ashman 30th June, 2002

it goes to a html page because you have to click the link on it. you have to open that page. Oh and yeah the AI is easy to trick. It would be even easier for me as I know exactly what he's gonna do :). The two player screen thing is not really a bug. If you say you don't want to see the stats it goes to the one player. If you do though then you leave the stats it will goto 2 player. It's only cos originally it was only 2 player and I forgot to make it so you could get to 1 player as well.
Posted by Exero 30th June, 2002

Spiffy indeed.
Posted by 1st July, 2002

hey now I know why it sucks...
Posted by matrixkitty 1st July, 2002

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i d/l it icant select the secret level
Posted by Dogzer 3rd July, 2002

This game is cool
Posted by Ashman 5th July, 2002

Thanx. If you all like for it to be game of the week.....please!!!!
Posted by This Guy 17th July, 2002

i'd like to play this game but when it starts to download it says 'file not found'! wtf?
Posted by Ashman 19th July, 2002

it is there I just d'loaded it to see. try again.
Posted by HaMSteRtAiL 19th September, 2002

Its not easy to download it, maby u should fix this problem? :(
Posted by Rycon 21st September, 2002

Hey ash, nice job carrying on the YG legacy!
Posted by Yoda_Lisk 18th October, 2002

nce job, sir
Posted by Panu - Panusoft 20th October, 2002

cannot dl it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by TS Team 18th November, 2002

Looks good, but I'm too lazy to download yet ANOTHER game out of the other 300 hundred I downloaded.
Posted by dwayne 15th December, 2002

Iam currently making a expansion pack for this game stay tuned better characters and enemys and better weapon detail and totaly better re done graphics
Posted by Ashman 20th December, 2002

Posted by Prototailz 21st December, 2002

Well... This isn't so good that I thought. :P
Posted by Ashman 21st December, 2002

LOLOLOLOLOLOL DKH, your not the first!
Posted by Prototailz 22nd December, 2002

o_O Ashman, you are weird.
Posted by Ashman 22nd December, 2002

No shit Sherlock! :)
Posted by Prototailz 22nd December, 2002

O_O o_O o_o -_o -_-
Posted by hozz 1st January, 2003

__ |__| | | | | __| |__ __| | | |__ | | | | | | | | | | \ \ /
Posted by Scott 2nd January, 2003

i love this game
Posted by Kris 24th January, 2003

Lol, classic ashman!
Posted by funkyseaweed 28th January, 2003

Really good game :)
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 25th March, 2003

One of the best 2 player games on here, it inspired me to make one of my games. :D
Posted by DBack 25th April, 2003

lol, classic ashman
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 3rd June, 2003

This sux. But it still got 1078 downloads...Weird...Ok my games suck to but...
Posted by yuyu 19th June, 2003

ur a stupid!
Posted by Rycon 1st July, 2003

Please NOTE! Re-making any Yeah Guys! without consent from ME is direct copyright infrindgemint of FKT - Future Klik Tech content. Do NOT attempt to re-make Yeah Guys! with the name. All Artwork from Yeah Guys! 2 and up are also as of yet. As far as Yeah Guys! Ultras artwork goes, that is ashmans decision. Thank you, and keep the fros fightin!
Posted by | _ (/\) ! $ ţ 10th February, 2005

hmmm... u really WANT to protect ur game! ok none will copy or do something like that with ur game...because none can copy great ideas! (i guess) :D nice job Ashman!






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