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Everlife (Demo)
Author: Muggus Submitted: 24th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 79

This is a demo of another old (classic? Maybe not! haha) of mine, Everlife. Basically it's part of a saga of games, and this is the 3rd in the saga.
The game follows the campain of the ODI (Ordotron Defence Intititive) to a far planet of Kunduu, where the UTA(Universal Terrorist Association) are planning to take over in with an alliance with some of the local evil there. An elite crew of the ODI's best are sent out...the Silencers...and it's their job to take out their presense on the planet...or so the story goes...I did write it like 5 years ago, so you can't blame it for being stupid.

You play a rookie Silencer on his first big campain, and you have 5 missions to complete in this mission.

The game has plenty of funny monsters, weapons and items to keep you going until you finish.


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Posted by N.i.k.o. 26th September, 2002

This sucks.
Posted by -Oka- 26th September, 2002

Yeah, but I'll give it a try ;)
Posted by 26th September, 2002

Like most games on DC, it sucks cock.
Posted by ReXX 28th September, 2002

So quit DC, you idiot. None of us care about your stupid opinions with no evidence.
Posted by Blackgaze 30th June, 2003

well..... fun to play BUT 1. when u die noithing happens, game doesn't end 2. libary graphics 3. weapon buying (CS) is nice :)
Posted by GameMaster 27th August, 2004

this game stinks





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