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Author: Death Reaper X Submitted: 7th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 95

This is a small demo showing the first level (which at this time cannot be completed). It is an example of what the game is like: you can jump on the enemy bugs, climb vines , collect eggs and jump on springs. Please give your comments to what should be changed, if you did/didn't like it, what you thought of graphics/gameplay etc. Any compliment or criticism is worth hearing

In this demo you play as a duck, but in the full version (if people like this demo) you will have the option to play as a rabbit too. They will both feature different abilities which I haven't decided whether they'd have initially or gain throughout the game. Because of both the rabbit and duck and the eggs (although more commonly a thought of to be a chick) the story will probably focus on an easter-them (and suggestions would be more than welcome as with ability ideas)

The usual controls: Arrow key moves, shift jumps, up on vines to climb them.

Enjoy Let me know what ya think

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Posted by Panu - Panusoft 7th October, 2002

Nice graphics, and nice sounds.But i didnt really like the level desing.
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th October, 2002

Hey Panu thanks for writing. As in the gameplay on the whole or the actual structure of the level? Where ground was placed etc?
Posted by Muggus 8th October, 2002

Heehe that looks cool!
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th October, 2002

:D Its a bit different coz most people dont use big sprites for platformers which means it might not play aswell as others especially as I'm not a brilliant coder, but hey :) It's there! :D
Posted by Mårten 8th October, 2002

kinda cute game for some one who ccalls himself "Death Reaper X"
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th October, 2002

That duck's not so cute if you deprive him of his carrots I assure you! XD
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th October, 2002

Erm..actually that didn't make sense :D Nevermind!





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