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Monsters of Mojenxa- 1 level demo
Author: Death Reaper X Submitted: 3rd July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 113

I wasn't sure whether to put this in downloads or previews as it's just a 1 level demo, but as it's technically a download...this is where it is!

It's basically guy with sword kills monsters thing, and it's meant to be aimed along the lines of the old nes style games therefore not needing a complicated plot

Because it's meant to be simple, it has the basic platform movement so if you only like games with custom movements then this probably isn't for you.

I just want some feedback to see if it's worth carrying on with or not, is it fun? etc There are probably some bugs that need ironing out so keep your eye out

Usual controls:
arrow keys = walk
shift = jump
ctrl = attack

Have fun!

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Posted by Death Reaper X 3rd July, 2003

sorry, the link should be
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th July, 2003

The game is bugged after you die, i fell on a bridge, came back with 1 health, got hit by an enemy, died, and kept spawning and dieing forever..good game other than the bugs.
Posted by Pyro 4th July, 2003

Funny storyline, and the gameplay was fine too, but the attack seemed kinda odd.
Posted by Death Reaper X 4th July, 2003

Not sure about this bridge bug, I'll look into that, but I've fixed the respawning forever (I stupidly forgot to reset the hearts that's all) :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 4th July, 2003

Which means the new version is now up from the same link.
Posted by -Messiah- 4th July, 2003

Nice Graphics DUDE!
Posted by AndyUK 4th July, 2003

mabye you should change what the people say at the beginning. Its okay i guess although did find killing the goblins too hard because they always just ran through me after i hit them causing me to lose life too. very wonderboy,zelda 2 ish
Posted by FusionDogg 4th July, 2003

gfx very 8-bit, kool.
Posted by Death Reaper X 4th July, 2003

Andy: when the goblins are hit they freeze, so if you keep hitting them and don't give them a chance to get away it's fine :) Just gotta be quick! :) Cheers fusion!
Posted by SimdroneX² 4th July, 2003

Uhh, kinda fun, but the graphics are inconsistant and clash with one another, and the engine is really buggy, try harder, kthx.
Posted by Muggus 5th July, 2003

Hahaha This game rocks! I love the story behind it! And the main character's got the funniest attack...looks he's being electricuted!
Posted by Matt Boothman 5th July, 2003

I kept jumping on the bridge and it went vertical, so I couldn't move forward while jumping.
Posted by Death Reaper X 5th July, 2003

Muggus: ROFL XD Noodle: Don't jump on it, just leg it :)
Posted by Sami 5th July, 2003

Nice game .the gfx are good (for a nes like game). bugs: *built in movement bugs (like trying to jump that bridge - but death reaper X was totally right when he said:"leg it"). *you can do damage with your back when attacking.
Posted by Teh Keelor 5th July, 2003

Very NES in its presentation. I dont remember ever owning an NES game with an M rating, tho :-P. Is it possible to enter the open doorway?
Posted by Death Reaper X 5th July, 2003

Sami, hmm perhaps I'll make an invisible shooter or something instead. Or maybe a short range one instead of colliding with the player. Teh: You mean the one you come out from initially? No but I can always change that :)
Posted by Dogzer 5th July, 2003

hey did I make this game?
Posted by Death Reaper X 5th July, 2003

*blinks* shush doggy
Posted by Dogzer 5th July, 2003

Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th July, 2003

Downloading... looks like aqn Old school NES game, me like :).
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 5th July, 2003

Sweet game! bring back the Old school looks i say!, i couldnt seem to get past the Falling bridge on Zone 1. anyway great game cant wait till the full version is out.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 6th July, 2003

......If i must say so....FLUNK!
Posted by Death Reaper X 6th July, 2003

Hmm seems a lot of people are having trouble with the bridge. I'll have to make that a bit easier in the full version :)
Posted by Kris 6th July, 2003

SevenT2: shut the fuck up, you assfuck fuckface
Posted by Dogzer 6th July, 2003

Im going to pretend this was a NES game no one ever know it existed until now.
Posted by Klikmaster 7th July, 2003

Kool game. It really represents the nes style.
Posted by Killerjedi 7th July, 2003

...Hmm... I personally didn't think this game was very good. I just was too hard, weird and buggy for me. Now, obviously I'm the only person who thinks so, so don't mind this comment anyway. Oh well.
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th July, 2003

If people can list any more bugs that's great so I can work on fixing them. The only ones stated so far have been the bridge and hitting with your back which are both fixed. What are the others?
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th July, 2003

So far these are the bugs I have sorted: -respawning (I just forgot to set the lives back to 5) -bridge fixed: it's a bit easier, and you can jump across aswell as just run -before the enemies died when overlapping the the attack animation: which meant they could run into your back and die. So now there is a little censor that shoots out (kinda zelda-style). I haven't put up a new version, but if you can spot anymore bugs for me that's be great so I know what else to fix.
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th July, 2003

Also in terms of difficulty: why is it too difficult as some have said? Are the goblins too fast etc, or are there too many of them? I find it easy enough and yes I know I'm the author, but I suck at playing most games so it means it levels out ;)
Posted by 8th July, 2003

I found the beginning of the game interesting and involving; I actually took my time looking for a way of killing those goblins (jamming the keyboard). Though, I always fall off the bridge :/
Posted by Death Reaper X 8th July, 2003

Lol to kill them you only have to hit em with ya sword :) They only take 3 hits ;)
Posted by Individual Thought 9th July, 2003

looks like kid icarus gave up that sissy bow of his. lol, love the comedy





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