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Reaperworld (name to change) [tiny test]
Author: Death Reaper X Submitted: 25th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 159

Right this is hardly a proper download, it is a very tiny test but I've found a problem already, and I need to know if other people experience it before I continue. Plus it'd be nice to know if people like the general way of things in it. It is only one frame long (excluding inventory).

A point and click adventure. The problem my friend has told me (doesn't happen on my computer) is that when you are having a conversation, if you click on the other talk options you can get multiple text (i.e. unreadable). I need to know if this happens to everyone else, or if it works fine. On mine I don't have this problem, which is confusing me how to fix it if the problem isn't there.

Graphics are old-style but noway near as good as monkey island, discworld, simon sorcerer, sam n max etc so don't diss them because I know already!

It won't take long to download, but it'd do me a huge favour if you'd let me know if you experience this problem or any others.

Control is with the mouse:
Walk/examine: LMB (once)
Pick up: LMB (twice)
Use/Talk: RMB (once)
Use inventory: RMB (twice)

In all the above excluding examine you have to be over the person or object to do that action. Ie. no pathfinding.

When your on the inventory screen (you get here by clicking the I icon) then left click to choose your inventory (no highlighting yet) and right click to get back to the game screen.

Cheers in advance

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Posted by Jimbob 25th September, 2002

it doesnt happen for me....but you can click on a different object (like the cow) and it will "examine" that creating another speech thingy. And what is the Red button for when you are talking? For me it exited the game...
Posted by The Chris Street 25th September, 2002

Do you always name your games after yourself? ;)
Posted by BlackZombie 25th September, 2002

The graphics aren't really that bad... It's just that everything is so crowded. I can't stand all those big strands of grass. And the sky well, I guess it's late in the day or early in the morning or something but it looks more like the apocalypse. It's always cool to see another Point & Click game coming out!
Posted by Death Reaper X 26th September, 2002

LOL zombie :D Circy: It says in the title it's gonna change :D Did either of you two experience the multiple conversation prob I talked about>?
Posted by N.i.k.o. 26th September, 2002

Screenshots please!
Posted by Death Reaper X 28th September, 2002

Niko its on geocities unfortunately, and only a small test. It's not been put on here as a proper game, it's a test so make sure the interaction in the conversation works :)





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