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Megaman - The Doomsday Project (CANNED!)
Author: ACE_Spark Submitted: 8th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 491

Edited By ACE_Spark on 1/6/2003

Due to unforunate circemstances, this game is now canned.

Here is a one level demo, of my game, Megaman: The Doomsday Project.
Before downloading, do not review this game if you:
1) Hate fan games, and give all fan games 1 for no apparant reason.
2) Hate Megaman.
3) Hate platformers.
4) Are going to compare this game to ED.
5) Hates me for some reason.
6) Are going to flame me for making a fan game, even tho theres no rule saying fan games can't be posted. I asked Rikus himself.

Right, now onto the info.

The demo consists of 1 level, which isn't too long, and one boss, which is easy.
The game is unlike normal Megaman games, it starts off with the fortress stages.

For more info, goto:;action=display;num=1034098604;start=0

And I know about the spelling error in the intro. I put it there on purpose. Every Megaman game needs at least 1 grammar or spelling error.

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Posted by 8th October, 2002

Hmmm... The gravitys a little funky. But its fun with some pretty nice level design.
Posted by Paul_James 8th October, 2002

wow u made ur own graphics awesome
Posted by Panu - Panusoft 8th October, 2002

died in boss... too tired to start again
Posted by Gongashplei 8th October, 2002

i dont think he did draw them, they look like sprites from megaman on wonderswan. still the game is ok
Posted by ACE_Spark 9th October, 2002

Gong: Your right, they are from the wonderswan, but they are re-coloured. The backgrounds how-ever, and some other little things, are my own. Panu: It says jump for a reason. :-D
Posted by -Oka- 9th October, 2002

This is nice! But maybe more difficulty... I beat the game on my first try...
Posted by -Oka- 9th October, 2002

I mean make it more difficult :D
Posted by ACE_Spark 9th October, 2002

Oka: It's the first level m8. :)
Posted by ACE_Spark 9th October, 2002

You haven't played the game have you? Besides.. what's wrong with Megaman. Please don't give comments if you haven't played the game.
Posted by chrilley 9th October, 2002

Im kinda posetive on Megaman Fan games :) Just the good ones though. This one was pretty good but not as good as the game "Megaman And Bass: The Ultimate Team" the game had nice graphics, i know i've seen some of them somewhere else though. the charge shot's shiny 'weirdo-light' :D could be better done :) I hope to see a full version with some more functions :D Will Bass And Megaman have the ability to gain weapons from each boss?
Posted by ACE_Spark 9th October, 2002

Megaman and Bass: The Ulitmate Team? That?! Personaly m8 (no offense if it was your game) I thought that was trash.. Graphics that didn't mix, KnP explosions, poor display, and engine... That's how NOT to make Megaman fan games... I really hope you meant another game.
Posted by matrixkitty 9th October, 2002

movement for megaman sucks and so does jumping
Posted by 9th October, 2002

Mega Man and Bass sucked totally, all it had was Mega Man graphics and lame game play. The best MM fan game was Mega Man, in save Dr. Light.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 9th October, 2002

Pretty good game.Hope you finish it.Level design is so-so:(.
Posted by Sean J. Nichols 9th October, 2002

I gave you a good review...why'd you delete it?
Posted by Metal Maiden 9th October, 2002

Big Mega Man fan here. I thought the game was pretty good, and I'm pleased to see diffrent graphics being used. There was a nice array of enemies and play mechanics used, like the MM3-type drop with spikes all around. I think it would be better if there were some more of aa visual clue or warning to those spikes; they come up rather fast for the eyes. Overall, looks like a promising game!
Posted by ACE_Spark 10th October, 2002

Sean: You may of rated the game good, but the review itself sucked. Matrixkitty: How so? Agunimon: Got a link? :-D Aaron: Thanx. I'll keep that in mind.
Posted by ACE_Spark 10th October, 2002

Oh.. i almost forgot: Sniper: While the backgrounds and lazers are my own, the main sprites are re-colours. (The wonderswan was black and white, do the math.)
Posted by Gongashplei 10th October, 2002

yeah, 5 stars on the colouring in. its a good effort
Posted by ACE_Spark 10th October, 2002

Gong: Er.. thanx.. I guess. :-p It still takes a while to do.
Posted by Daniel Schneider 12th October, 2002

Did you make the megaman sprite yourself? if so, real awesome work!
Posted by ACE_Spark 12th October, 2002

"Sniper: While the backgrounds and lazers are my own, the main sprites are re-colours." Hmm.. I guess not many people have seen the wonderswan game... Or they've only seen the Nes sprites.. ^_^'
Posted by Soul Keeper 12th October, 2002

Another Megaman fan here, nice game. Graphics were pretty good. And as for Megaman and Bass: The Ulitmate Team mentioned earlier, althought it was okay...i thought this one is better
Posted by Soul Keeper 12th October, 2002

although, sorry. my spelling sucks.
Posted by ACE_Spark 13th October, 2002

Hey, you Megaman fans.. you guys got Aim? Mine is : ACE DA FOX I'd like to speak to some other MM fans. :)
Posted by Brandon 13th November, 2002

I love megaman, I started when I was three, now don't get me wrong, I like your game, but it is kinda wierd,try making megaman little bigger, might work





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