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Sonic Boss Attack Demo 1 Updated.
Author: ACE_Spark Submitted: 23rd March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: platformer Downloads: 196

Edited By ACE_Spark on 3/25/2003

Ok, ok, I know you guys hate Fan Games, but i'm posting this anyway.

Here's a 4 boss demo of my new game Sonic Boss Attack. Title pending of course.
Here are the four bosses in teh demo:

Swing O'Matic Difficulty - Easy
Watch out for Robotnik's lazer!

Eggman's Merry Go Round Difficulty - Medium
Take a ride on Robotnik's Merry go round.. with no horses!

Drilla Killa (New Version) Difficulty - Medium
As robotnik tries to "screw u" *shot*, he'll get that drill of his stuck.. causing a cave in!

Drilla Killa
(Version Canned due to bad feedback. Type DK in the password field to access it.)
Difficulty - Medium
Robotnik's drill with break the rocks below you, creating holes into a larva pit!

Claw N' Run Difficulty - Hard
Time your moves, and make Robotnik pick up the very bombs he sent for you!

Old Demo
File Zip - 919kb.

Update Patch 1 - Updates the old demo into current demo.
File Size - 188kb

*WARNING* Make sure where the old demo is located does NOT have any other files in the same folder, otherwise the update patch will delete those files!

Post any bugs, comments, or suggestions. Do not say "this game suxxors" just because it uses Sonic graphics.
Try playing the game first.

And do not just comment saying "Too hard."
That really pisses me off
*Looks at Jason*

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  (935kb )

Posted by Chace 23rd March, 2003

Gee, you expect anybody to review this? I match all the options on that list.X)j/k Downloading...
Posted by pr0 23rd March, 2003

i think the engine is really good! keep it up!
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 24th March, 2003

why did they cahnge it to eggman dr robotnik was so much better anyhoo im not a great lover of fan games so id better stay clear of the reviews section
Posted by Deathbringer 24th March, 2003

Robotnik was kind of a phonetic (what-it-sounds-like) translation from japanese, but actually translating his name in japan to english gives Eggman..but i still think they should have kept the 'original' name, afterall, they dont go calling megaman "rockman" do they XD
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Well I never said not to try it if your a fan game hater. Im quite suprised that this didnt make front page, when Jason's crap games (no offence) do. :-/ And btw, i'd rather know what you think of the Boss Designs etc. Please try it out!
Posted by The Chris Street 24th March, 2003

Well the first boss is too easy...all you do is do a spindash on the same spot and Robotnik will just run into you, injuring himself. Fairground boss was annoying. Lava boss was rubbish. Claw boss was clever but the conveyor belt moved too fast
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

K, you seem to be the first person to hate the Fairground Boss. As for the conveyor belt boss I'll see if it makes much difference slowing it down. As for the Larva Boss, whats so wrong with it? (Btw, ALL first level bosses in Sonic games are easy. Except Sonic 2 on the Game Gear.)
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Btw I am taking all this into account for the first update to the game.
Posted by Blackgaze 24th March, 2003

i LOVE SONIC GAMES. i making one at the moment called "Metallix returns" (I am MEGA METALLIX FAN) so i am downloading game 100%
Posted by Blackgaze 24th March, 2003

i just completed "sonic 2" on master system on my emulator. its good
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Still waiting for ya Comment, Lol. ^^;
Posted by Blackgaze 24th March, 2003

opps lol. good game, some bosses hard
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Posted by Jason Orme 24th March, 2003

[Quote] Im quite suprised that this didnt make front page, when Jason's crap games (no offence) do. :-/ O.o! Im taking it you mean the classic games i added? Not Bob The Butcher? Anywhoo, I'm not a big fan of sonic, Hell, I hate sonic, but I will give it a go.
Posted by Jason Orme 24th March, 2003

Nope too hard
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Jason : Yea i was on about your classic games. Sorry for not making that clearer. Bob the Butcher needs imrpoving a bit but like you said thats in early stages, and could be a definate winner, went of course its finished :-p.
Posted by ACE_Spark 24th March, 2003

Btw thanks for the review Wong Chung! Here's saying some of the things you suggested: "The graphics, while ripped - though I didn't recognise the Robotnik on the menu - are well put together and used convincingly." Nope, I drew that Robotnik. "Drilla Killa has a daft name, and is just awkward really." I'm thinking of Canning this boss entirly, and re-using the sprite for something else. People are right, it is awkward. I tried to do something better, but alot of bugs got in the way. "Claw 'n' Run is a cleverly done boss, which involves a more tactical approach. However, the conveyor belt really moves too fast and it's very difficult to attack" That's been fixed, and it will be slower in the next version. "The difficulty level is slightly too high." Don't worry about the difficulty level, some of those bosses are for later in the game. It's just those are the first ones i've done. "The best of the lot is Eggman's Merry-Go-Round, which not only looks impressive but is a very challenging and well executed idea." Thanks. "This engine's too good to waste on just a series of bosses." I actually started off doing levels, but too many problems started to come up. But I might try again. "Music is taken from the Sonic games as far as I can tell." Actually it's not, some of the music is. Common mistake though. All the bosses currently have music found radomly on the internet, except the Merry go Round boss, boss selection (type one and two), the crap title screen and crapper intros. And thanks for the review. Really apperiate it.
Posted by Alex Scobell 24th March, 2003

"i just completed "sonic 2" on master system on my emulator. its good" No Sonic 1 on master sytem is better!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th March, 2003

No problem - thanks for the... meta-review. I knew I didn't recognise some of the music, but I thought that was because my mind had been completely erased by watching Braindead a couple of hours ago.
Posted by ACE_Spark 25th March, 2003

I still say an admin should add it to FP. I've even updated the Drilla Killa boss with something much better! It's rather stupid that games alot worse than this go up on front page. When this doesn't just cus some admin is a fan game hater :p Well that's.. er.. one person that hates it.. to.. hmm.. about 17 that like it. (On other sites.) *shrugs*
Posted by The Chris Street 25th March, 2003

Fan games arent usually added to the front page unless they have something REALLY worthwhile about them
Posted by ACE_Spark 25th March, 2003

Like I said above. Bit of a stupid rule if you ask me. :-/
Posted by -_darkman_- 25th March, 2003

its a great game and all but I agree with Circy on this one. Someone who puts the time and effort into making a original game deserves to be credited by being featured on the front page.Make Sonic a drunken hedgehog who lives on the streets then you may be onto a winner for front page.
Posted by ACE_Spark 26th March, 2003

Darkman and Circy - I thought I did try and be original :-p Alright then, what about if the games actually finished like this, THEN would it get front page?
Posted by Silveraura 27th March, 2003

Me, I am a huge Sonic game fan. I'm getting it right now, I will let you in with what I think when its done. I am to working on a game, not moving really much until I can work out all the bugs to run just like a real Sonic game dose. If I can do that, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 will be at work! Plus, I can even sale it says the Sonic Team. If its good enuff though.
Posted by Silveraura 27th March, 2003

Dude,the game is great! Though on the Claw N' Run boss, you should have more big bombs come out. It took me over 35 minutes to beat that boss, hardly any big bombs came out & when some did, you had to think fast before its gone or wait another long while before another one comes out. A bug. You can still move around when you are down in a spin dash.
Posted by ACE_Spark 2nd April, 2003

Heh... ^^' Ok i'll fix that claw and run boss, i totaly agree with you on that. As for the Spindash thing, thanks for reporting it to me.
Posted by The Green Stranger 13th April, 2003

This one is pretty cool! Excellent engine, man!
Posted by Beta 22nd April, 2003

too hard
Posted by Tyler Haggerty 4th June, 2003

It wont let me download but sounds cool.
Posted by Blazefire0505 1st December, 2008
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