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Smack Youth (30 minigames in 1!)
Author: Blast_Boy Submitted: 18th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 345

Story: There is not just one big story line but there are many small storylines for each of the 30 minigames.

Details: Although the file size is rather large this game is definately worth the download because of the huge variety of minigames it includes. The fun will never stop with Smack Youth, enjoy!

Features: 20 1-player minigames, 10 2-player minigames.

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 (3.6mb )
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Posted by Mark 18th October, 2002

Why no comments(!) this is a absoultly fantastic klik game. review coming up.
Posted by eX Com 18th October, 2002

egg hunt and go karting games dont work
Posted by Hellscythe2 18th October, 2002

downloading this now, I have a feeling this is going to be like mario party
Posted by Blast_Boy 18th October, 2002

Sorry about the font! Obviously no one has this font that I used so you can get it at the same address ad the download. http://www.geocities/com/reekogaming/syouth.htm
Posted by Silveraura 18th October, 2002

I just make a text & turn it into an Active object. Nobuddy needs to download any new fonts! :-D
Posted by Yoda_Lisk 18th October, 2002

lol (brandon's comment) thats just wat i do. Wow this game is really gr8. Reeko mail me back.
Posted by furthing 18th October, 2002

Ahh yes, another classic reeko game.
Posted by Blast_Boy 19th October, 2002

mail you back about what?
Posted by Yoda_Lisk 20th October, 2002

lol i dunno just talk about ssoommeetthhiinnggg......






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