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Adventure Minigolf
Author: Blast_Boy Submitted: 29th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 448

An exciting, adventurous minigolf game - filled with four courses and over 30 different holes. Each level is jam packed full of challenging obstacles. Overall, it's pretty fun to play and can be very addicting.

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Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 29th May, 2004

almost looks like Circy's outlining-stylee, kewl. I'll download this..
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

u wanna get a different host. most people like to see screenshots before they download it, eg: myself.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 29th May, 2004

Alder, I can see the screenies. Anyways, adictive game! Very fun.
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

i couldnt see them, but , when i clicked them, they appeared. i downloaded, nice game. addictive - lol. :D pretty cool. i didnt know wot to do at start, but then i got the hang. nicely done. i think ill review this game.
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

o. wots with the sandy hill level? thers no hole? is that a practice level? or wot? XD
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

how long did this take to make?
Posted by Flava 29th May, 2004

Good-ish game. One thing I found odd is that if you right click anywhere, the ball follows your mouse. And when you right click the hole, you pass the level.. Other than that, this is an ok game
Posted by citizen[Ac] 29th May, 2004

wow, im pleasantly suprised by this game. the game engine seems really nice. my biggest suggestion would be to change the controls. it seems akward to me to use the mouse to place flag, then have to adjust strength/power with arrow keys, then use space to shoot. seems like to many steps. if you could cut down the number of keys used, or make it so it is all mouse dependent it would have a better "flow" to it. with a little work this could be better than the natomic mini golf game.
Posted by Blast_Boy 29th May, 2004

Alrighty, hehe, lol i didn't expect to have so many bugs and bad stuff in my game. Alder: It took me two weeks to make the game (on and off). Ok, ive re-done the game. I fixed up the sandy hill level so you can play that one now. It just went to the wrong level before. Also I've changed the controls. It is now mouse based with a keyboard option also. Thats for you citizen, i mean by the time i realized that anyway, i had nearly finished so i thought id see how it went anyway but u were my motivation to change it lol. Thanks. And you cant right click to place the ball anymore, which was an accident in the first place. It was meant to be a cheat, hold "+" and thewn right click but that didnt copy in all of the levels for some reasons so it screwed up. Anyway, i fixed it now. Oh and sorry bout the screenshots. Yeah they do work, you just can't see them on DC for some reason. So, if you want to re-download it, or download it for the first time - now is the time to go for it! Sorry bout the gitches and thanks for the help!
Posted by Muggus 30th May, 2004

This game is great! Good job. :)
Posted by Kramy 30th May, 2004

Fun game. :) Bug: Score not reset when starting a new level.(course)
Posted by Blast_Boy 30th May, 2004

Oh crap. I knew there had to be another bug. Well i might fix it, or u can just quit the game and open it again lol.
Posted by Tom Alder 30th May, 2004

lol, you might wanna test the whole thing before you submit it? O_o
Posted by Silveraura 30th May, 2004

When I downloaded this, I didnt really expect that much, but this game is nice. Good to play when u just want to do something when ur board. I give this game a thumbs up, though some music wouldnt be bad.
Posted by Silveraura 30th May, 2004

I found a bug on the Garden Lake-Hole 9, when you hit too hard out of the bottom right hand corner box, it will go through the tree below & out of the arena.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 31st May, 2004

looks great but..... i cant download it, it says "Server Failure" but your website works, which looks mighty fine BTW.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 31st May, 2004

ahhh got it working. my bad XD
Posted by Chrisbo 1st June, 2004

This is fun, and really addicting! Nice work!
Posted by gunj 5th June, 2004

yeah its aight i can putt it up
Posted by mnbvcx 5th January, 2006

why the source protected ?






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