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Author: Blast_Boy Submitted: 9th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 263

Edited By Reeko on 5/10/2004

The first complete game from Blast Studios (who used to be Reeko Tek). It is a high-speed racing game which includes 2 scenic tracks to race on. Unfortunately it is only one player but it is definitely worth a download!!

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Posted by Flava 9th May, 2004

THe link is wrong -
Posted by Andrew Spier 9th May, 2004

I love your website style! It is VERY nice and professional.
Posted by Muggus 9th May, 2004

This is not a bad game but there are a few things that could do with some addressing to make it more playable. Firstly, I gotta say, I like the graphics and the the tracks are pretty good...although some bits in the desert are a BIT tight in bits. The menu interface is also pretty cool. Anyway, first of all the car movement should be improved...maybe add some drifting or skidding or something that makes in a bit more challenging around the corners...default race car movement just doesn't have much appeal...although i do like those speed pads, that's pretty cool. Those oil slicks either have to go or be fine tuned, cause they are really dodgy...sorry dood! :( You may want to add some music and sound effects where needed, give the game some atmosphere of some sort. And finally, this is probably making it more complicated...need some different styles. Like new tracks are an idea, but I mean more specifically more cars, possibly opponents, and maybe something along the lines of a competition with money that can be spent on buying stuff for your car. Of course that's getting complicated, as i said. Anyway, this game has good potential man! I quite like it, but you need to professionalise up the gameplay and add a bit more variation, and this could be really good game.
Posted by Blast_Boy 10th May, 2004

Yeah, thanks for the comments. I understand what you mean. The underlying fact is that i probably could have improved the game a lot more but instead i decided to move onto other, more important, projects. I dunno if you picked up that you could also leave the play area lol, i forgot to fix that up. But anyway, thanks for the comments and suggestions, maybe i might fix it up in the near future or maybe i wont. But keep looking out for more games from Blast Studios!
Posted by 10th May, 2004

use custom race car engine dude
Posted by 10th May, 2004

go search clickteam's forum for it
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 10th May, 2004

u know with u can do





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