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Star Hunter v 1.2
Author: Jaffa [Mpp] Submitted: 18th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 244

Star Hunter is game that i made about 2 years ago. It´s an Shoot'em up/Arcade with pleausure and enjoyment. A sequel is being made and also a Star Hunter 3D version is coming... Enjoy!

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Posted by Daniel 19th October, 2002

Not bad.
Posted by The Green Stranger 19th October, 2002

Hey Jaffa are'nt you swedish?
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 20th October, 2002

Ja jag är Svensk, hur så?
Posted by Panu - Panusoft 20th October, 2002

archive is corrupt
Posted by Shen 20th October, 2002

I get a corrupt zip as well :(
Posted by Matt 20th October, 2002

Why doesnt the screen shot work? :(
Posted by Prototailz 21st October, 2002

... Cool. :) (PS. I'm not that Daniel who sended that "Not bad." message.)
Posted by zork25 21st October, 2002

Jag är också svensk :P
Posted by robby 21st October, 2002

cool. my moms have swedish and i can speak i bit. i cant write it though...pity.
Posted by robby 21st October, 2002

i meant i'm half.
Posted by Rehan 25th October, 2002

bad bad bad bad bad
Posted by ReXX 27th October, 2002

Its a Shoot em up/Arcade with pleasure and enjoyment... I see...
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 27th October, 2002

Well Rehan, i checked out your games and they are not so good either, so go and fuck yourself!!
Posted by Robert 11th December, 2002

Jag är bäst :)





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