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Unamed RTS (preview)
Author: Jaffa [Mpp] Submitted: 1st January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 229

This is a RTS test i made for not so long time ago. This has been abandoned because lack of interest and the uncapability of CnC.
Anyhow, this is a pretty good RTS game engine that features:
- Drag box so you can select several units
- Good pathfinding AI
- Scrollable screen
and more.

And this is not axactly a large file so download it now.

Review This Download (327kb )
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Posted by Tigerworks 1st January, 2003

You can't even move each unit to a different place at the same time - and there are only TWO units anway... Kept crashing too.
Posted by DaveC 2nd January, 2003

lol are you working hand in hand with bill gates or something. this thing crashes more then windows. i got in about a total of 6 seconds playtime here, wtf were u thinking uploading this? i know its a bit early to tell but i think maybe your onto the best click game of 2003.....ahahahahhaha
Posted by desmondwall16 2nd January, 2003

Yes, ok, hmm. Ok it seems your little game doesnt need a drag box as you select units with single clicks?! Pathfinding AI seems pretty dull, the tank thing likes to circle around the 'food pellets' or whatever those things were. Ok yes the screen does scroll, but that uselsess as the game crashes if your units start to shoot. For a 300kb download this is not worth the time. Please make something a little more complete (at least 1 mission) and stable (doesnt crash every 5seconds) But still best of luck to the project
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 3rd January, 2003

I have no idea of what you all are talking about that it crashes all the time. On my computer, it runs smootly and nice. it has almost never crashed. And to desmondwall16 - the "pellets" are supposed to look as mountains, but i think they weren't so good either...





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