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Train Stop
Author: Jaffa [Mpp] Submitted: 12th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 46

Ok, the thing is that you have to stop a trin at the station before it crashes into the wall! Simple you may think, but so is not the case. The speed of the train increases after each level and you have to stop it so the guy on the platform can get on.
Simply press Space to stop the train.

Train Stop, simple, but addictive.

Soryy for no screenshots, but i didn't have the time to take some.

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Posted by Rikus 13th July, 2003

Still screenshots would be very nice:)
Posted by Blackgaze 13th July, 2003

opps... u uploaded it twice
Posted by Barney Boo 14th July, 2003

Isn't working - EXE just gives an error.
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th July, 2003

I dont understand how someone can have time to make a game, but not have time to take screenshots of it ;) Oh well...
Posted by Teapot 8th August, 2004

This sounds suspiciously like the warioware bus stop game ;)
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 28th November, 2004

Haha, that's exactly where I got it from =).





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