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Mission Abba-T
Author: Nioreh Submitted: 20th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 110

Edited By Nioreh on 11/20/2002

First of all, I'd just like to say to people who like A*Teens that I mean no offense. This game is a joke, and your'e not supposed to take it seriously.

I just finished translating this game from Swedish. I figured since the A*Teens has hit the world by now, this game should be released outside of Sweden. This is a stand alone sequel to a game I made far back called Hate BSB, you get the picture.

The game is a shoot-em up kind of game where you play the part of an assasin hired for the killing of the A*Teens. You snipe the band members in different places around what's supposed to be Stockholm. You gain more points by making them suffer as much as possible, best achieved by shooting off various limbs. (yes, gore is included to some extent) If you are able to kill the entire band (not to hard) you get your income calculated, wich is your score. If you use less bullets and less time, you gain extra points.

Shooting is very simple, the only thing you need to remember is the left mouse button. Aiming can be quite hard for beginners though, people say it's impossible to hit anything. But it's not, trust me. After a bit of practise, you will shoot a lot better.

The graphics were all done by me, photos of band members are ripped off the net though. All the coding was also done by me, down to the very last row. The sounds are mostly from the TGF library, as you will probably hear if your'e an active kliker, but some sounds were made by me (like the voice things). Music is midi remakes of ABBA songs from different places on the net.

So, "what about the name then" you say. Well, it was basically a type-o from the beginning, or a "say-o" if you get what I mean. It was made by my friend Tommy who said that they no longer were going to be named Abba*Teens but were forces to change it to Abba*T, as we all know he was wrong, but it was funny, so I used it in the game.

What's more to tell? Well, maybe a feature list would be kind of cool. Here it is:

* Four levels of violent action
* Funny graphics with real faces
* ABBA music for the right mood
* Shoot off limbs for extra gore
* Well balanced score system
* Lots of other cool things I can't remember!

Still not convinced? Take a look at the screenies below. Does it look fun? Satisfying? Gory? That's because it is!

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Posted by DaveC 21st November, 2002

that marie chick is hot....heh
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 21st November, 2002

du glömde översätta namnet i installationsprogrammet
Posted by gustav 21st November, 2002

you are my hero ; ~ ;
Posted by thewreck 21st November, 2002

Posted by Jason Orme 21st November, 2002

Pathetic, and who the hell are ABBA-T
Posted by Nick of All Trades 21st November, 2002

a paraodi of the swedish song- group ABBA. Now their name is A-teens, but is still not too good :P. Great game, but why not add hi-score?
Posted by Nick of All Trades 21st November, 2002

Oh yeah. It was hi-score. Sorry
Posted by Nioreh 21st November, 2002

J-SOFT Leader, you never heard of A*Teens? You must live in some isolated world or/and country with no contact with earth whatsoever. Their breakthrough was with the ABBA song "Mamma mia" about two or three years ago in Sweden. But I KNOW they are big outside of Sweden too!
Posted by Yikes 21st November, 2002

Yeah! Everyone knows who abba teens is! Anyway... The game looks awesome, downloading it now... :)
Posted by matrixkitty 21st November, 2002

they are better known as a*teens
Posted by Gongashplei 21st November, 2002

I've heard of A*Teens but I've never heard of an A*Teen fan... what the hell are they?
Posted by PeterG 22nd November, 2002

who the hell are A*Teens?
Posted by KeyrenZero 22nd November, 2002

Didn't they come out with a remade dancing queen song?
Posted by KeyrenZero 22nd November, 2002

Didn't they come out with a remade dancing queen song?
Posted by bigdave 23rd November, 2002

i thought A*teens were english! and if you haven't heard of them, you're not missing anything
Posted by bigdave 23rd November, 2002

this is a great game. The engine is great, though i'm worried that you know so much about them.
Posted by Nioreh 23rd November, 2002

Hehe, it's called research my friend...
Posted by Jason Orme 10th December, 2002

If you have heard of them and listen to them and are sad enogu hto make a game based on them, then you must be gay. For me if its a pop band i havnt heard it, now if its Metal, then you can garrentee ive seen it. Meanwhile. go make a decent game you Hack!
Posted by 27th July, 2004

Bad game + Bad band (combination) = MAKER SUCKS with BIG "S" !!!





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