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Towers Of Hanoi
Author: Nioreh Submitted: 21st July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 256

Edited By Nioreh on 7/26/2004

This version is now obsolete, instead download Towers of Hanoi 2 wich is way more cool.

I started on this game waaaay back, just to prove to a friend of mine that things like this could be done with klik. But it turned out to be a bigger problem than I thought. I got so frustrated that I almost deleated what I had come up with so far. Luckily I kept it. The other day I went through some old .gam's and I found this one. I started playing with it and pretty soon I found a solution. Coming back to and old unfinished project is always fun.

The Game
You all probably know this one. Maybe you've played it in real life or on a cell phone or maybe on a computer. It is all about getting seven different pieces from one stick to another. The tricky part is that a bigger piece can never be put on a smaller one. When you get the hang of it, you will start racing against the clock, and it isn't easy to keep your fingers straight.

As easy as 123... (literally)

It's been a while since I posted on DC, but I have certainly not given up kliking. I am currently working on two bigger games. One racing game and one space adventure game. When they will be completed? Well, it might take a while, I have a lot to think about these days. I'm starting at the university in about a month so I will probably have less time to sit by the computer from now on..

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Posted by Nioreh 21st July, 2004

Oh, and sorry about the not so great looking graphics and presentation. As stated, this was done only to prove a friend wrong.. :)
Posted by Isaac 22nd July, 2004

It's a cool game, good for that quick distraction.
Posted by Cybermaze 22nd July, 2004

Well ... it does not have to be 7 pieces. As far as I know the story goes that the priest was trying to calculate the result with 64 pieces which he never completed before his death. You will also find that if you made a small program to calculate the result it would soon take very long time to calculate.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd July, 2004

That's right Cybermaze, I remember this was mentioned in a computing lecture last year... the unfortunate monk would never have completed his puzzle as the solution goes far beyond millions of moves. With seven it should be far simpler, not that I ever completed that either.
Posted by JP 22nd July, 2004

I love this game!
Posted by Joshtek 22nd July, 2004

*looks at brain* I think I used to sell that game (a wooden version) at a stall (during festivals) a while back. Heh.
Posted by Nioreh 22nd July, 2004

Did some calculations: The original tower was 64 pieces. Now the minimum number of moves required for that is exactly 18446744073709551615. If you move one piece every second it would take you about 599730287456 years to complete the puzzle. This version with only 7 pieces will take a minimum of 127 moves. At the same speed it would take a little over 2 minutes. :)
Posted by Muggus 23rd July, 2004

Damn I suck at this. Very challenging!
Posted by BladeMaster 23rd July, 2004

Posted by Nioreh 23rd July, 2004

Can someone please delete noobs like Blademaster? I did not take this game from another website. Sure, there might be others who also made this game, but this is all my work! So shut up!
Posted by Kris 23rd July, 2004

Fun game, a bit hard with 7 though. Could you add an option?
Posted by ChrisB 25th July, 2004

I remember playing this on the Amiga... I prefer the control where you can drag pieces from one tower to another, probably because that's how the Amiga game worked.
Posted by Cazra 25th July, 2004

Actually, this game was invented a long time ago. This is a neat game you made but it could be made a lot better. I find the controls confusing. An easier control system would add points to the game. Also, it would be better if you can choose how many discs you want to play it with.
Posted by Odin 25th July, 2004

Pretty good, though the discs should all have different colors. I kept getting confused. Spiffing up the gfx might also get points. And maybe some tribal music in the background. -ThO
Posted by Nioreh 25th July, 2004

It seems a lot of people would like to see towers of hanoi 2. Most of the suggestions listed above I had already thought of. I just never did them. Now maybe I will! The idea of different colored discs was good. Also the control system could easily be changed, but this system is by far the fastest way to move the pieces if your'e after the highscore. Maybe I could let the player choose. Of course, ToH 2 would have a selectable number of discs!
Posted by ChrisB 25th July, 2004

Snerlin, I know that, I'm not stupid :P Also, the Amiga version had different coloured discs, which was helpful.
Posted by Cazra 25th July, 2004

Uh, Chris? I was pointing that out to that Blademaster person who thinks the original idea for the game came from some website. O_o;
Posted by GoMoogles 25th July, 2004

Great puzzle game. I've never played this type of game before. I suck tremendously at it. Yes, different colored discs would be helpful, selectable number would be helpful, and ability to use the mouse would be helpful as well, though as you said the 1,2,3 buttons method is faster. Good game though! Thumbs up!
Posted by Nioreh 25th July, 2004

You should all try out ToH 2 wich is now finished. All your wishes have come true (exept for tribe music maybe). Oh, and there is not and never will be mouse support. Clicking and dragging these disks would take forever! There is a new way to control it though.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 26th July, 2004

I think the story goes that when the puzzle is complete the universe will game too, have it on my calc even. to calculate the number of moves it is (2^#Of Pieces) -1 for those who don't know
Posted by ChrisB 26th July, 2004

That's why you should refer to the person who you're replying to. ;P
Posted by Kris 26th July, 2004

chris you hypocrit!!
Posted by Blake 26th July, 2004

I made a towers of hanoi game in c++ that solved the puzzle for you automatically, with any number of peices, even at c++'s speed it took a very long time for the higher numbers
Posted by Harvy 26th July, 2004

No offense, but I am somewhat confused by the inclusion of this game on the front page. Haven't thousands of people implemented this exact puzzle before? Why is this game more newsworthy than many of the others submitted? ;) The story was made up by the same mathematician who created the puzzle over a century ago. The game is a classic study in algorithm efficiency; the game cannot be solved in better than exponential O(2^n) time.
Posted by 27th July, 2004

Good puzzle game !!! + Try also Army tanks 1.2 "new version". You'll find it on (action) site.





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