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Towers Of Hanoi 2
Author: Nioreh Submitted: 25th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 108

Better looking and new controls
My Towers of Hanoi finally made it to the front page, but ToH 2 is already completed! Here it is, with better looking graphics and some new features.

New features
- Difficulty level option
- Colored pieces
- New controls
- New spiffy looks
- Slower timer on scores

More info
Every piece now has it's own color so you won't get them mixed up as easily. You can now play with either 1,2 and 3 or the new controls where you move an arrow with the arrow keys and pick up/put down pieces with shift. Nwebies can now try the puzzle with only 3 or 5 pieces for practice. The highscore timer is slowed down due to the fact that some people couldn't finish the puzzle before the counter reached zero.

I did some research on the game and this is what came up:
According to the legend, ancient indian munks had to move a pile of 64 sacred disks from one location to another. The disks are fragile; only one can be carried at a time. If they would put a bigger disk on a smaller one the disk would break. And between these two places there is only one place sacred enough to store the disks inbetween. But the monks didn't finish the task, because all the monks died of old age and the temple turned to dust.

Some calculations
The original tower was 64 pieces. Now the minimum number of moves required for that is exactly 18446744073709551615. If you move one piece every second it would take you about 599730287456 years to complete the puzzle. This version with only 7 pieces will take a minimum of 127 moves. At the same speed it would take a little over 2 minutes. =

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Posted by Cazra 25th July, 2004

This is a lot better than the first one. Good job! :)
Posted by GoMoogles 25th July, 2004

Okay...after playing was the same thing as the original, just with more color and 2 extra modes. I always get stuck on the last disc!! Argh!!! It's addicting though! Thumbs up!
Posted by Muggus 26th July, 2004

Better attempt. :) Although I still don't have the patients to do it. :P
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 26th July, 2004

It is hard, till you realize how do you have to build it up!:) Cool game, good work! It has got logic! My score: 3950! But I will do better;)
Posted by vortex2 26th July, 2004

7182 was my score :P. Nice Work :). It would be cool if you could figure out a way to do any amount of pieces you wanted ;).
Posted by UF Comtec 26th July, 2004

Very nice, I didn't think this was anything worth downloading at first, lucky I changed my mind XD
Posted by Nioreh 26th July, 2004

My own personal best so far is 9530 points! :D
Posted by 27th July, 2004

Bad graphics :( + Try also Army tanks 1.2 "new version". You'll find it on (action) site.
Posted by James Melton / Eluminite 30th July, 2004

I got 7594 on my first try. Personally, I feel there is no need for dazzling graphics. They currently serve their purpose well, seeing as I didn't get confused as to which piece was bigger. It is a simple game that needs no greater effects than the pickup and drop noises... I could listen to those all day... BTW: I noticed a glitch that allows the player to pickup more than one piece at a time by pressing '2' and '3' simultaneously. The game then becomes impossible to complete (the largest piece will be hovering at the end without the ability to put it anywhere).
Posted by Nioreh 31st July, 2004

Wow, thanx for mentioning that james. I gotta fix that if I get the time!





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