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Santa Bomber
Author: Nioreh Submitted: 23rd December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 74

Santa vs the other guy
This is my entry for the christmas compo this year. It is a bomberman clone only with less bomb upgrades and more bugs in it. You can play vs the CPU or a friend/enemy. The object of the game is to blow up the other guy using bombs while he is trying to blow you up using the same technique.

The bad guy is just some guy, thought about making him into the grinch but he blended in with the other green stuff so I just made him some evil looking kid.

-Random "map" generation
-Upgradeable bombs
-CPU opponent
-2 player mode

About CPU opponent
Most of the time spent on this game went into making the CPU opponent. It was harder than I thought it would be, and he is far from perfect. He will occationally blow himself up and sometimes cheats a bit. He might also get a silly idea to leave the playfield alltogether and blow himself up off screen, though it is very rare. There are also some sure ways to beat him, see if you can figure them out. Oh, and he doesn't bother looking for those bomb upgrades, but if he happens to pick one up they work for him aswell. Have mercy on his poor soul, and enjoy my hours of work with him.

Start a game by selecting either Player vs CPU or Player vs Player from the menu bar (F2 and F3 works aswell). In one player mode you control Santa. You move around with the arrow keys and plant bombs with space bar. You can blow up christmas presents to get around the playfield. Some presents contain stars. If you pick up a star your bombs will get a greater blast range. You can only plant one bomb at a time. You win by killing the CPU opponent.

In 2 player mode Player 1 controls Santa as normal and Player 2 controls the other guy with WASD and Tab. Whoever kills the other one wins.

All graphics and programming was made by me. The sound effects are freeware sounds from and the music is five christmas songs made in midi by some John Does found on google.

Merry Christmas

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Posted by Hempuli 24th December, 2006

Ugh. What a graphics.
Posted by DaVince 24th December, 2006

What the hell does "what a graphics" mean?
Posted by Hempuli 24th December, 2006

Posted by Nioreh 24th December, 2006

Oh come on! Is that all you have to say about my game? Weak.
Posted by DaVince 24th December, 2006

I thought "what a graphics" just meant "omg bad grammar". lol.

Downloading now.
Posted by DaVince 24th December, 2006

Haha, nice.
Posted by AndyUK 24th December, 2006

yeah, this is great stuff!

although an easier way of starting would be nice, or at least instructions on the title screen.
Posted by ThePodunkian 24th December, 2006

the thing about this game, and a lot of the other games on the competition are that they could very well have been different games if you had switched out santa claus/presents with another characters/obstacles. there's nothing that makes this game inherently christmasy besides the graphics.
Posted by Tim 24th December, 2006

Well for the record, I think the GFX are very nice
Posted by Nioreh 24th December, 2006

Thanx for the comments

Podunkian: I would say that applies to all christmas games.
Posted by markno2 25th December, 2006

I liked it. It's hilarious when Santa's defeated. The AI was good too.
Posted by Hayo 25th December, 2006

@Pod: That also goes for your game. It's MGS with santa.
Posted by Ski 25th December, 2006

Pod, why are you going through the other game entries and harshly judging them and unfairly at that?

Your game was really boring lol. I gave up pretty quick. People have been hyping you up mega style to me and I have to say Im not really impressed at their idea of "Awesome"
Posted by Ski 25th December, 2006

And Hempuli, who are you to comment on graphics? =/
Posted by Hayo 25th December, 2006

Yeah, it looks pretty good actually.
Posted by Johnny Look 29th December, 2006

Very good game.





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