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Author: Mladen Lazic Submitted: 8th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 138

Finaly I menage to find an URL to upload full version of m84,but without intro. Objectives of this games are in m84.txt file,so I recomend you to read that. I hope you will enjou!!!

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Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 9th December, 2002

sorry to say this but this game really sucks. first if you try to skip the intro with escape IT RESTARTS!!! this is VERY annoying. and when i finally got into the game and that first enemy tank went towards me i tried to get past him on the side and then he collided with me AND I WAS STUCK!!! i had to stand there until i died. then i played it again and got past the first tank. and then i was slaughterd by FOUR tanks. and they just went towards me and then i was stuck again but atleast i died quicker then!!!
Posted by Mladen Lazic 9th December, 2002

well offcourse they wont let you pas by them that is for sure,but why dont you try shooting them I think it is much easyer then things you do. And they are tenks tou shoud fire from distance and not run away from them. And in this game there is no intro. You just have to wait 3,4 maybe 10 seconds so that text"Created & designed by Mladen Lazic" goes away.Is that so hard. And I am sorry to say but this game is not for "babies". Fire 1(gun)-A button Fire 2(rockets)-S button Fire 3(super rockets)-D button Try again!!!
Posted by The-Three-Klikateers 9th December, 2002

Hmm. Suppose its ok... But you need to make it look professional. That is really hard to get and I find it very difficult myself. With a full version release always go over it a few million times just to get that key factor....
Posted by Mladen Lazic 9th December, 2002

Thanks for the advise,but this is "kind" of a full version becouse I am still working on it.
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 9th December, 2002

that first comment post by aali was a bit lame. i think its that sort of post which does make the dialy click suck a bit. when people just criticie. why not just give advice to make it better????
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 9th December, 2002

i think the game does need more depth, like more tanks etc, but also there were some nice effects in it like the way u could destroy trees, and the idea of having multiple weapons...
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 9th December, 2002

sorry bout all the posts. i just had an idea. cos u sed all objectives were in txt file, i thought it might be cool to somehow put em in game, like in a corner of screen, and when u complete a specific one then it disapears... or something :)
Posted by Mladen Lazic 9th December, 2002

Thanks those are very bright ideas. That thing about objectives was on my mind and I will put them in the game. Thanks!!! I am still working on this game so you should expect emprovement.
Posted by JJ45 9th December, 2002

BORING game. But good graphics. Yes it's annoying to wait 10 seconds in the start. Too many bugs. Just make the whole thing and get a host that gives enough web space.
Posted by Evil Monkey 10th December, 2002

Added a review.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 12th December, 2002

ok i gave it another try. and it wasn't too bad after all when i think of all my military games... x). but you should've written the fire btns somewhere(or set them to something you can guess: ctrl,space,shift etc). of course it's good that you can't pass by the tanks but i really got stuck. i couldn't do anything. and the AI isn't very smart either. and you really need a HUD(Heads Up Display). anyway sorry for that comment but that intro(i call it intro til i've seen the real intro) still pisses me off :)
Posted by JJ45 14th December, 2002







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