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Bart Payne-test
Author: MaxPower Submitted: 10th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 284

Wasn't sure if I was going to upload this game, but it semms like I just did... Anyways: It's a 2d verson of Max Payn, only with Simpson characters. I think the graphic is ok (it's not ripped)and I havn't found any bugs yet.
Note: You can't complete this game, you can't even kill the guy in the helicopter. I just want to hear if you think I should finish it.




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Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 10th December, 2002

Link broken?
Posted by Partack 10th December, 2002

dont work....
Posted by Jason Orme 10th December, 2002

Link Broke, shame, this might actuly be interesting to play
Posted by Adam C 10th December, 2002

Petter is there any way u can fix the link? I really would like to try ur game...
Posted by Partack 10th December, 2002

dont work....
Posted by Eric 10th December, 2002

Actually pretty cool, I didnt expect such good "not ripped" graphics. Wasnt gonna download it till the chicken character tried to make us look like fools and pointed out we needed to copy and paste the link. However it is pretty exciting.
Posted by Eric 10th December, 2002

Also, the bullets still make blood splash marks even though they hit the helicopter or any other obstacle. Also, unless your going for the matrix superhuman theme, I would suggest that you make it so you dont go higher when you activate the bullet time after your already in the air from jumping. But if you want my oppinion I think you should make a full game.
Posted by Muggus 10th December, 2002

This game has good are good, and it seems pretty professional...just a few little quibles, if I may... - Enemies arn't aggressive enough...make them shoot more! - Bullets are kinda like paintballs...make them move faster and look more like bullets...unless that's not your intention. - The seems to be using mouse movement...big mistake! Always set X of Cursor to XMouse and Y of Cursor to YMouse...that'll fix it.. Apart from that...looks cool...should go down well if you fix up a few little things.
Posted by MaxPower 11th December, 2002

Thanks for the tip! But that thing about the cursor didn't work to well. The cursor was in front of the crosshair, and when i moved the cursor out of the game-window the crosshair stopped at the bottom of the screen and capt staying there. It was pretty anoying, so if you could tell me a way to fix it, I would appriciate it.
Posted by Eric 11th December, 2002

How about you make the game full screen, so not only does it run at a faster resolution, but the mouse wont go off the screen.
Posted by OOOPPPs 12th December, 2002

Hey... do Always => hide mouse cursor in events that'll fix it Btw, pretty sweet test, and yea, make the bullets more like bullets =)
Posted by Alucard spelled backwards 12th December, 2002

This was pretty good.
Posted by Sean 19th December, 2002

gettin it now :)
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 27th May, 2003

Chicken's got a ponit people. Ever heard of the phrase "Think before you speak"? no? oh well...





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