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The living dead (8-dir aiming with mous test)
Author: MaxPower Submitted: 4th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 132

Edited By Petter on 2/5/2003

A test. The special thing about this game, is the movement. You move in eight directions using W,S,A and D while you are aiming with the mouse. The point about this test is to find out if you guys like this way to control the character.

The gamplay is mostly about killibg zombies, using 5 different weapons including a Uzi, a bazooka and a flamethrower. You earn cash by collecting it and by killing zombies. You use the cash to buy weapons (Like in Counter-Strike)

A,S,D and W= moving character
Mouse= Aiming
Left mouse button= Fire
Right mouse button= Buy weapons.

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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th February, 2003

link doesn't work. it's probably cos you've got spaces in your filename.
Posted by Sigurd 4th February, 2003

looks good
Posted by MaxPower 5th February, 2003

this should work:
Posted by Pete Nattress 5th February, 2003

its ok, somehow seems a bit awkward though. on the whole, this game is quite nice, but i don't like the selection system, coz it leaves you vulnerable. btw, rifle is 'le' not 'el'.
Posted by MaxPower 5th February, 2003

I suck in english. ;) Anyway, I tried to make everything stop while you where selecting, but that just made the game super-buggy, and it was even more anoying. I will try to use a better way if I continiu the project.
Posted by Michael 6th February, 2003

Downloading now...
Posted by ACE_Spark 10th February, 2003

It's good, but with one major problem - the screen size is way too big. It overlaps my screen setting, so it would be hell for other computers. Use a max of 640 x 480 for your games, otherwise people won't be able to play. Netherless I liked the game, but the only useful weapon is the rifle, since the flamethrower kills you and the uzi has just enuf ammo to kill one Zombie.





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