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Bob the blob (demo)
Author: MaxPower Submitted: 6th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 146

Don't get fooled by the stupid name. Bob the blob is a little bit like the old Lemmings; Bob walks carelessly forwards, and your mission is to guide him to the finish of the level, using a yellow stick-look-alike thingi...

You move the "stick" using the mouse and rotate it with the right mouse button. Click and hold the left mouse button to make it possible for Bob to walk on it. You also use the stick to block incoming projectiles so they don't hit poor Bob.

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 (800kb )

Posted by ChrisB 7th August, 2003

Great idea. However, the game as it is is easy to cheat, because you can make Blob go up just by putting the block over him. Also, don't make the block move when you right-click - change it for the next time you click the mouse button.
Posted by CYS 7th August, 2003

Good game. A bit difficult if you ask me... Thumbs UP!
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 7th August, 2003

great game, but the cheat makes it too easy
Posted by MaxPower 7th August, 2003

Ok, I'm going to try to fix the bug so you can't cheat anymore. Thanks for the compliments! :)
Posted by pr0 7th August, 2003

good game
Posted by Kramy 7th August, 2003

It's fun.
Posted by Tongs 7th August, 2003

Despite the cheat, this is a very well-made game. It's pretty addictive. However I would recommend making your own music, rather than ripping it, as I am not overly fond of ripping music. Other than that, great job.
Posted by MaxPower 7th August, 2003

To be honest; I tried to make my own music with "Midi maker", but it didn't turn out quite well :/. Can you recomend another program?
Posted by MaxPower 7th August, 2003

Not cancelled, but "put on ice". After I have completed this I might finish SilentChill. I'l try Jazzware's then :)
Posted by MaxPower 8th August, 2003

Damn... I'm having some problems with fixing the cheat. Any suggestions?
Posted by Pete Nattress 8th August, 2003

nice game, i like the graphics. it would be cooler if "you" rotated quicker. as for the cheat, i cant really help coz i dont know what your engine's like. good luck with the full version.
Posted by Pete Nattress 8th August, 2003

actually, just had a thought: have you tried making it so you cant place the bar if its overlapping bob? that could work.
Posted by MaxPower 8th August, 2003

Yeah! That's a good idea! Cheers!
Posted by NightShade 8th August, 2003

For Music try downloading Noteworthy Composer
Posted by ChrisB 9th August, 2003

It's good saying that, but if you're having trouble making music then you'll have trouble whichever composition software you use (unless it helps you make music - e.g. backing tracks & chord progressions).





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