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SilentChill VS. XTCSnowboarding
Author: MaxPower Submitted: 22nd February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 221

Edited By MaxPower on 2/22/2003

I'm standing over a hard desicion. I can't decide wich game to continue on. Their both pretty good (though XTC-S is a bitt buggy) so I have decided to let you decide what too finish.

A bit wierd, but I like it. You play as a (very) young boy, trapped in a monsterfilled city.
Move with W,A,S and D. You shoot with 'Enter'. And SPACE is the action button.

This is quite buggy, but if\when I fix the bugs, it will be good. Pherhaps very good. (I will change the music sometime )

You move with the Arrows.
Jump with SHIFT.

Pleas tell wich one of them you liked the best.

(I'm sorry for the many spelling mistakes, but I suck in English)

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Posted by Spram 22nd February, 2003

Both games are pretty cool.
Posted by Spram 22nd February, 2003

Snowboarding is something different, and looks good. Silent Chill looks too much like South Park in some parts, but I like the way things happen. I dont know. Do both, yo're only 14, you should have enough time.
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd February, 2003

What if he doesn't want to waste time? * Downloading...
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 22nd February, 2003

Im downloading it now..
Posted by Spram 22nd February, 2003

Bah. When I was 14 all I did was play videogames, spank my monkey and complain about my virginity. Wait.. That's what I do NOW!
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 22nd February, 2003

LOL!!!!!!!!! im turning 14, by the way nice game.. i thought the Snowboarding was very good...
Posted by MaxPower 23rd February, 2003

After reading the rewiew, I have understanded that it might be a bit hard too understand what to do at the end of Silentchill. *A small spoiler* You have to walk over too the legs, and press 'Space'. You then pick the legs up and the dead zombie on the floor starts crawling against you. Run to the hole in the floor and throw the legs down, by pressing 'Space' again. Remember not too get touched by the crawling zombie. When the zombie has falled down the hole, just stand near the hole and the game will finish with a small cutscene.
Posted by kreature 23rd February, 2003

Continue the snowboarding game, since it's the most original, and OMG it's nice !
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 23rd February, 2003

They both run a little slowly (800x600 full screen scrolling). Silent Chill is amazing - a genuinely frightening Click game, the techniques you're using to scare the player there work very well. I won't spoil it for the rest of you.
Posted by 23rd February, 2003

I liked this game!! :)
Posted by Matt 23rd February, 2003

Posted by Ray Nothnagel 23rd February, 2003

Silent Chill is a sweet game! IMHO it'd be near perfect with a few quick improvements... 1. WADS? IMO this isn't the best place for WADS control. Use arrow keys. 2. Only four directional movement - I assume this was done for ease of making graphics, but please! Eight direction movement with four direction graphics beats four directional movement any day, unless you're driving a vehicle or something. 3. Make everything darker. 4. More clear instructions or implications on what to do. Specifically: 1) Provide some hint that you're supposed to go back to the left on the first frame, maybe have something happen at the left edge of the screen to prompts curiosity, like a tree falling or rats scuttling. 2) After you pick up the legs, show an inventory or something that tells the player they can be dropped by using spacebar. 5. The crawling body should leave a blood trail. All in all though, I like the atmosphere (especially that ambient wind sound - that was creepy!) and would like the gameplay if there was more of it (read: make it longer). Good job! XTCS is cool too, again with a few small things to fix, but I would suggest focusing on SilentChill until it's finished.
Posted by Galaxy613 23rd February, 2003

When I get into the building in SilentChill, I don't knwo what to do
Posted by MaxPower 23rd February, 2003

I have written what to do some spaces over this :). BTW, I have decided that I'm going to continue on SilentChill. I will upload a longer demo later this week, I hope...
Posted by Weston L 23rd February, 2003

holy zombie jesus. ha. where'd you get that wave?
Posted by MaxPower 24th February, 2003

I was looking for scary zombie voices, and thats the scaryiest wav I found. Disturbing.
Posted by MaxPower 24th February, 2003

I have launched a Web site for SilentChill now: You can also find a link in the Link section. Obviously...
Posted by Penguin Seph 24th February, 2003

Can I have the "holy zombie jesus" wave? Plz? I liked Silent Chill but maybe you sould make a ! or ? go over the players head when you can do something like pick up something...
Posted by MaxPower 24th February, 2003

ok... There you go... help yourself... :p And yeah, thanks for the tip. :)
Posted by Galaxy613 24th February, 2003

When I get into the building in SilentChill, I don't know what to do.
Posted by MaxPower 24th February, 2003

Karl... I wrote a little guid just a few pixels over what I'm writing now.
Posted by RealityCheckStudios 24th February, 2003

Good job! I really liked Silent Chill.
Posted by hozz 25th February, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 28th February, 2003

is it me or is the scrolling REALLY slow
Posted by MaxPower 1st March, 2003

It's you :P. Anyone else having a problem with this? If you do, tell me, and I will try to fix it.





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