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Author: The New SnS Submitted: 11th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 311

Edited By Sunny Nook Software on 12/18/2002

Mari007. This is the game from Sunny Nook Software which is the best one so for. It involves nice
backgrounds nice first person shooting and a great final boss fight. If you have found our games
getting worse, this one will change your mind. Come on! Download it now! Also watch out for its
sequal, Mario 007: Luigi's Revenge!!
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Posted by OOOPPPs 12th December, 2002

Are the gfx ripped??? im pretty sure they are.. but d/ling nonetheless
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 13th December, 2002

from the look of that second screen shot the graphics seem to be from super mario rpg
Posted by kreature 14th December, 2002

Although I haven't played this game yet (I don't think I will either), this seems to be everything BUT Mario. None of the graphics really seem to fit each other; the 2nd screenshot's text is just sort of BAD, and Mario is totaly abused in this game; so it seems. I won't bother to download anyhow. Nothing beats the original Mario games, and especially not a Mario '007' version made by some amateur-geek.
Posted by The New SnS 14th December, 2002

We aren't ameteur we've been here since 1998 for petes sake! And we are not abusing Mario, and yes, the graphics are ripped, OK!! Anything WRONG with that?
Posted by kreature 14th December, 2002

Yeah.. I've been here for ages too, but I'm still no 'pro' eh ? It all ends with how and why you make your games, and how well the play. Ripping the graphics is the closest you'll ever get to the word 'crap. You just DON'T do it ! Come up with your own original game, with NO ripped graphics and I will be pleased...
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 14th December, 2002

theres nothing wrong with ripping graphics but then theres nothing paticually right about it either
Posted by kreature 14th December, 2002

It's unoriginal, and have you ever seen a game with ripped graphics getting all the way to the top? I have yet to see that..
Posted by TS Team 14th December, 2002

There's nothing wrong with ripped graphics...if the programming is spectacular and maybe you can join a spectacular graphics artist...
Posted by TS Team 14th December, 2002

*if the programming is spectacular, then maybe you can join a spectacular graphics artist...
Posted by DaveC 15th December, 2002

Yeh stop defacing nintendo! u have got to be the worst at making click games ive ever seen if u have been here since 98, thats 4 years and u make this?? Nintendo have style, polish and pure gameplay. This game is an insult to nintendo! to think that a game made 20 years ago is 100 times better then your effort! how do u feel? THIS LOOKS VERY NEWBIE to me! look at screenshot 3, he has some sort of fancy paint shop effect mixed in with the main sprite which was made in a completely different style! not only that but the enemy is scaled up and so its pixelated and looks totaly screwed compared to the rest of the level! Theres like 3 or 4 different graphic styles mixed into one VERY POORLY made game! go back and play the original mario, that games platform engine still remains far better then anything ive seen on click yet, dont even try to compare to nintendo.........LOSER
Posted by The New SnS 31st December, 2002

It's also a freakin' parody!! And that was made 2 years ago, anyway... And as Alfred Hitchcock said that creating a parody shows that you like what you are making a parody of (Not exact words, but that's the point) So there "DAVEC"
Posted by Yuhkaz 15th January, 2003

Alright SNS person, that third screenshot its really bad. And ripped GFX aren't all bad! But - "If you have found our games getting worse, this one will change your mind" I DOUBT it will change anyones mind.
Posted by tdc052621 10th October, 2003

hehehhehehheeh very funny even when i lose very bloody
Posted by Faraz Parsa 13th May, 2006

Wow that was a complete waste of my time.





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