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Gold is Not Enough(GNE)
Author: The New SnS Submitted: 16th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 175

Edited By Sunny Nook Software on 12/18/2002

James Bond is back in one of his best adventures yet! Sunny Nook Software brings you Gold's Not Enough! When a new terrorist organization steals one of the largest missiles in the world Bond is sent to find out who is the leader of the organization. An action packed thriller stands before you when you play Gold's Not Enough. Sorry for the screenshots, they're from the DEMO, haven't taken the time to make new ones, so some parts of the game will look different. If you download it you will be getting the Public Beta. There, those are my reasons.

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 (6mb )

Posted by Stevo 17th December, 2002

I can't download it. Poopshoot.
Posted by Muggus 17th December, 2002

Damn...your webspace is at it's bandwidth limit!
Posted by Mindstorms 17th December, 2002

screen 2 - one of those is a girl?
Posted by OOOPPPs 17th December, 2002

Ahhh gradient!! evil!!
Posted by Jason Orme 18th December, 2002

*is scared by poorness, but carnt resist download*
Posted by Jason Orme 18th December, 2002

*can resist download as server is crap* *is shocked by 6MB*
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 18th December, 2002

According to the pictures, it seem to suck ass.
Posted by Hayo 18th December, 2002

i wish i was a mighty moderator, then i could kick out all cruel people.
Posted by The New SnS 18th December, 2002

just hold on, i made another file link mistake... as soon as i can i will give you guys a better, faster, more reliable, download link. Just hang on!! That was the only other place at the time that had the file... Hey, it was either this or, fileplanet!
Posted by The New SnS 18th December, 2002

there, fixed the download link!!! now stop yelling at me!
Posted by The New SnS 18th December, 2002

there, fixed the download link!!! now stop yelling at me!
Posted by Muggus 18th December, 2002

yay...ok i'll download now!
Posted by JJ45 18th December, 2002

"AAAAA GRADIENT IT SPOILS THE GAME AAAH THIS GAME SUKS ASS!!!!" what's the problem with one gradient in a missile, that makes it look cool since the author isn't that good in making graphics?
Posted by Muggus 18th December, 2002 doesn't work for me at all!?
Posted by Stevo 19th December, 2002

arg now it says it's an invalid win32 application. double poopshoot.
Posted by The New SnS 19th December, 2002

hmm... this is weird, its puting my comments in twice, oh well...
Posted by The-Three-Klikateers 20th December, 2002

Well cant download but those pictures.... major graphical malfunction sorry but surely you can do better than that.
Posted by Prototailz 22nd December, 2002

Please, don't torture me anymore!
Posted by Jon Chambers 23rd December, 2002

Yeah the gradiant is quite toleratable. It's the REST of the game that sucks ass. ***Says Jon narrow-mindedly basing his opinions on the screenshots forgetting that all who read his post have also seen the screenshots.***
Posted by Faraz Parsa 13th May, 2006

Stop feeding of James Bond!





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