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Imperial Assault 3D Engine Test
Author: The New SnS Submitted: 2nd January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 114

This is a test of the semi-3D space flight engine that will be used in an upcoming game. Keep going until you die; destroying asteroids and Y-Wings. Sorry about no screenshots...

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Posted by OOOPPPs 4th January, 2003

Wat do u classify as semi 3d??
Posted by CYS 4th January, 2003

Nice graphics but quity might consider using it will be smoother.
Posted by The New SnS 4th January, 2003

ok, i need the feedback so I can make it look like its actually 3D when it isn't... And i can't use the mode7 object because I have an older version of MMF that it doesn't work for.
Posted by OOOPPPs 4th January, 2003

Why? i mode7 works with my version of MMF.. its 1.2, maybe update ur version and try it
Posted by The New SnS 7th January, 2003

ok fine, its just that i don't like the mode 7 graphics thingy, it gives out poor quality graphics... i think that the way we are doing it now is just fine. oh, and one other thing... this was made in Click 'n' Create/Multimedia Fusion Express so don't be too ruough on it. i transfered it into MMF so its un-crackable and so that i could get the right transitions... there, i'm done with my excuses.
Posted by ProtoMarcus 9th April, 2005

doesn't work..
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

Nice game, to bad the controls keep rolling to long





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