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Author: Ian M. Phoenix Submitted: 18th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 282

Edited By Ian Livingstone on 3/18/2003

This is one of my first games, it allows one to three players to battle against increasingly large hordes of enemies that come in waves, you have to build traps, catapults and walls to stop them.

It includes 8 stages, 8 special weapons and 5 unique enemy types.

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Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 18th March, 2003

Hahahah, yeah I got an email from somebody asking if I was the Eidos Ian Livingstone once.
Posted by Wompo 18th March, 2003

Hmm, the screens remind me of Snowbrawl... me & my friend still love to play that. Gotta download this. :D
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 19th March, 2003

Very Nice Game!!!! i may review it later on.. Oh and one question about your code what did you do place the objects e.g Paste Image To Background e.t.c
Posted by janne valtonen 19th March, 2003

Not so fun than Snowbrawl but good
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

Paste into background, that's what I used.
Posted by Rott bott 19th March, 2003

Looks like snowbrawl. I made this kind of game once. Just don't have the time to release it. Maybe some day...
Posted by Dave 19th March, 2003

The installation program freezes when I try to run it....I'm running might want to make sure it runs in all kinds of environments.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

Well I use Install Maker, nothing could be more compatible I believe...
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th March, 2003

Posted by ACE_Spark 22nd March, 2003

It appears someone got round the review system O.O I'll d/l this game when my current d/l is done, since Wong Chung thinks its good. I'll review it afterwards.
Posted by Weston L 22nd March, 2003

Wow, this game is really cool. I only go to battle 9 though.
Posted by AfterStar 22nd March, 2003

Nice game but when you play it a couple of times and you've seen all enemies you get bored! With a very good strategy i got to battle 28! What's annoying is that Laser-Robot throwing 1000objects at a time! Here is what u can do:You are alone,the better,you can control all 3 players in the game instead of having only 1!Just add the SAME control keys at all 3 players,select 3 players and Volcano stage(Because it got the slowest enemy firing object(volcano rock) and you can avoid it easily),build many many walls & catapults at same location in a line,then in battle just go left and right firing catapults only(remember not to get to the top right or left of the screen because all 3 players will be moving in 1 location.)! Want proof i got the picture!I'm sure noone else thought about that =) !
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 22nd March, 2003

Yeah that's a good trick AfterStar, but right now I'm having a contest on my website about who can get to the highest battle and the current winners got to battle 62! I have no idea on how they got that far.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd March, 2003

Battle 62? Lol how many battles are in the game? Pretty strange!After battle 25 there are so many incoming fire(About 1000Objects at a time) from those robots and very short period of time to rebuild so slowly slowly your defenses break and u loose! Its impossible to get to battle 62,maybe they modifide the screenshot(Get to level 2 and 6 copy and save the 2 numbers from the game over screen,loose in a battle having lots of stuff around destroyed and carefully change the numbers at the screenshot!-Just a thought)!
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 23rd March, 2003

The screens look pretty genuine, and there is no limit to the level of battles in this game, all the enemies are calculated from the battle level.
Posted by AfterStar 24th March, 2003

Make a game of the same type but with military stuff!Would be more fun in my opinion!More enemies,defenses and overall things to do!
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 24th March, 2003

AfterStar, that sounds like a good idea, but right now I'm working on a game of similar type mixed with an overhead shooter capapable of 4 player gameplay set in a medieval fantasy world, it won't be military, but it should be pretty fun. :D
Posted by Jason Orme 26th March, 2003

its quite fun
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 11th April, 2003

I just wanted to tell everyone to keep their hopes up, a game isn't always about millions of features or super-enhanced graphics. MegaBattle was originally made in less than 2 days, I spent most of another day to make version 2. 3 days to make a decent game while some games are unplayable after 3 weeks. I just wanted to point this out to inspire Clickers everywhere to keep working at it!






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