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Author: Steve Walker Submitted: 5th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 142

Sheep! is an addictive little puzzle game, with a very simple concept: herd the sheep into safety. This is done primarily by moving your markers around the screen, which scare the sheep, in the traditional sheepdog fashion.

To make things more interesting, a variety of obstacles stand in your way. You must negotiate the usual fences and water, along with landmines, teleporters, and the ever-predatory wolves stalking your flock. All this within a time limit with a target percentage to save, and things start to get interesting.

As well as plodding through the passworded main game, you can play individual levels separately, and even create your own. Sheep! comes with a built in, simple to use level editor, which saves tiny 25kb .sheep files for every level you create. These can then be distributed to your friends, or via the web. You can even create your own campaigns of levels for other people to play.

Finally, the game is backed up by a music system that will randomly load midi files from a specified directory on your hard drive, so no longer are you forced to hear the same old bad game music!

For any more information, see the help file. Enjoy!

Steve Walker

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Posted by ChrisB 7th August, 2003

It's good, but it's not great. I didn't find it addictive, and after the first few levels of the main game I found it boring because of how slow it was. I don't really like slow games. Needless to say, it's a good idea (and done before, I think). Other people may enjoy it more. (I would've liked it more if it was like ChuChu Rocket, though... [tongue])
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 7th August, 2003

make it faster! its soooo damn sloooooow;)
Posted by Tongs 7th August, 2003

Fun, but you need to make the sheep a hell of a lot faster... it gets boring real quick.
Posted by Jenswa 7th August, 2003

Well i liked the original game, but this one is too slow.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 7th August, 2003

S!.......L!.......O!.......W! :)
Posted by Robert100chat 7th August, 2003

Downloading now seems to be slow
Posted by Steve Walker 7th August, 2003

Seems to be a pretty unanimous verdict then! On the higher levels if they moved much faster you wouldn't stand a chance, there's much less open space, so I guess the problem is that I made too many easy levels at the start. See if you agree - the password to level 10 is "Eyukelub", and if you work your way up from there they're more challenging. If the general consensus is still that they're too slow I'll speed them up a little, but I'm guessing I'll just need to cut down a few of those early levels. Steve
Posted by Jack 7th August, 2003

The first few levels aren't very interesting and quite slow, but perhaps necessary to learn the game. Once teleporters, sheep as stepping stones, mines and especially conveyor belts come in, the game gets very interesting and pretty addictive!
Posted by Werbad 8th August, 2003

Posted by Silveraura 9th August, 2003

Ok, I think the Slow point has been crossed. X-D Could be speeded up a little bit. :-P ---------> Just had to add my 2 cents.
Posted by Jamesbuc 15th August, 2003

Well its easier than the PS1 version So I like it :) :)
Posted by Wormware 15th August, 2003

It's a bit of a game I've played before. I liked it.. Why don't you create a version that's different. I hoped to see some new things added to the game. This isn't a better version but for a click game it's good eneugh. So thumbs up for you!!
Posted by Sean Kelly 18th July, 2004

how come everytime I find a game tha might be cool. IT SAYS PAGE NOT RESPONDNG or Page cannto be displayed!?!?!??!




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