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Author: gizmo Submitted: 12th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 120

Edited By gizmostripe on 8/12/2003

Edited By gizmostripe on 8/12/2003

Hey there clickers, some of you have been following me throught the development and beta stages of my app, iPublish. Now i spend 2 days prepping this release for a demo for the click community to taste a little bit of whats gonna come in september.

Key Features
* Opens 20+ Of the most commonly used web languages.

* Ability to add more as they come out.

* Websafe Colour Swatch

* Keyboard Macros pressing ctrl+number will insert the macro of your choice. This is also coloured automatically.
* Interface can be made visible/invisible. Have it as a "dreamweaver" look with toolbars et al. OR remove them all to opt for a notepad-style interface.
* Auto complete :: Type the beginning of common html tags for them to be created for you complete with attributes.

* Quicktags :: Fast access to the most used HTML tags there are.

* Quick CSS :: Every valid CSS 2.0 Tag in the world no more than 3 clicks away.

* Highlights ASP and PHP tags.

* Code tabbing.

* Fully pluginnable interface :: Develop your own plugin with MMF with a soon to be released SDK and a Flexible API.

* Adaptive toolbaring :: Open a html document, and the html toolbar will open. Open an asp document and an asp toolbar it'll switch too (Note: Demo has only 1 toolbar. Expect more to be added) all assignable. Again a new level of customisation :: Make your own toolbar! and assign it an extension. So when your custom file is opened. It selects the toolbar!

* Find and replace. With quick timesavers as replace all.

* Custom stylizing of the toolbar :: Toolbar dosent match windows 98/Me? Change it!

* Theres so much more too! Etc.

Thanks and kudos goes out to the testers, help out programmers, designers and extension developers for making this possible. Your names are in the about box

Take note: A know issue is with the linebar. This will be corrected ASAP. Unfortunately help documentation is in development too. Any questions PM me or email:

(Screenshots are of an earlier version, and closely represent the final one, but not fully)

Extra Note: To turn off autocomplete and turn on XHTML compatibility (experimental) goto the config dir where iPublish is installed open the ini. And set "useAUTO" or "useXHTML" to 0 or 1 (0=off, 1=on)

Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Posted by Zip2kx 13th August, 2003

holy crap this looks really cool im downloading right now
Posted by CYS 13th August, 2003

It's a great program. Looks like i don't need to use the dull notepad to input my codings anymore! This also reduce the error i've made.
Posted by Klikmaster 13th August, 2003

Wow, this is too sweet for words. Can't wait for full version :)
Posted by Nioreh 13th August, 2003

Well, that's a great app. But I use dreamweaver, and love it. Got it from work, that is what we use and it's totally loveable. If this app is cheap or even free though, it might be a good substitute! Even without the graphical preview and editing.
Posted by gizmo 13th August, 2003

Yeah, its a demo basically think of it as an "public beta" it is gonna be freeware in the full version. This is merely a taster of things to come....:)
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th August, 2003

this looks like it took a lot of effort, and from what i've seen, it was well worth it. i'm more a WYSIWYG man myself, but this still looks useful (esp. the CCN embedding wizard). great job.
Posted by ChrisB 14th August, 2003

I love that comment in brackets! :P
Posted by gizmo 14th August, 2003

Ok guys new update. Get this patch if you plan to use the table maker a lot: Thx. :)
Posted by gizmo 14th August, 2003

Agh! more updating. (People with patch B need to update) anyone who downloads the full exe (the big file) is already at Version C. ;)
Posted by Pkeod 20th September, 2003

good job man
Posted by Krad 11th October, 2003

Awsome! Great job! Can't wait till the full versions is out!





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