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Author: gizmo Submitted: 17th November, 2005 Favourites:0
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Well, its been a while scince i was around TDC, but i made a little app that id like to share (its better than trying to remember RGB values)

Pix is a simple app that will let you grab the rgb and hex values of a particular pixel on screen, when you select a colour Pix will automatically lock that colour, so you dont lose the pixel colour you selected.

To unlock the colour selector; simply click the padlock icon.

And thats it, only one screenshot. Its a zero fuss application with a very simple UI. Click to pick a colour, or if you dont want to trigger a control (buttons, checkboxes etc.) you can use the S key or Middle Click.

Note: Pix will start in the system tray by default (you can also create a shortcut to it in your startup folder so that its always on hand when you need it)

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Posted by axel 17th November, 2005

I couldn't run it. Or more exactly it started, then just flickered before the screen for a hundredth of a second and then just disappeared, closed.

Also, I don't think you need to include extensions in the zip file if it's not opensource. Just make sure you have it in the runtime folder, and it'll be compiled within the exe when you build the application. I think.
Posted by axel 17th November, 2005

Oh, rightey. It minimizes to the tray. I took me some time to realize I had about ten of them waiting in the tray thingy. I really should read descriptions more carefully
Posted by Flava 18th November, 2005

Yeh you should
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 18th November, 2005

Very.....interesting. This may come in handy
Posted by Bibin 21st November, 2005

this is actually a very useful app. thumbs up.
Posted by kankki 7th November, 2006

Copy to clipboard feature please!
Posted by en kerro 6th March, 2007

Aargh... F-Secure says there's a virus in it...





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