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iPublish 1.20 (Service Pack 2)
Author: gizmo Submitted: 22nd May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 201

This release is pretty much how far ive got with iPublish V1.00+ and i want to just let it go.

For ages iPublish has been a slight burden on my work, and i really need to move on (SP2 has delayed the new iPublish (2004) more than anything)

So here it is. And heres the changenotes.

iPublish Service Pack 2 Updates

* Plug-in folders will no longer be shown
* The entire save system did not work in SP1 (Oops) it has been
Corrected (I apologize a lot for this)

* Pane expand/contract behaviors tweaked.

* Toolbar revamped to match more with common windows look.

* Comment, ASP and PHP regions now will be fully coloured correctly.

* More colourable keywords & Better keyword matching.

* Opening and generating HTML via the table maker or open command,
Now displays a progress bar to show how much has been coloured.

* New file structure

* Changed how the table maker behaves.

* More templates.

* More toolbar buttons, for more HTML commands.

* Fully themed and modularised system, only mac OSX theme added at present. Contact me to make some more

For the zip version:

For the rar version:

iPublish 2004 is on track and is going full steam ahead as of today, i just needed to shift this.

There is another side to the shifting process, i will no longer work on iPublish V1.00+ as im moving all my effort onto making 2004 the best click app ever (of course ) so the extra part of my closure of the project is to fully opensource iPublish, iPublish SP1 and iPublish SP2, as well as accompanying images, ccas and subapps.

Am i mad you say? No, not really. What use is a cca/MMF project gonna be to me, if i no longer edit it. You are free to expand the source i leave in any way you can. Please do not flood TDC with your minor modifications, if you are interested in setting up a place so you can submit your iPublish modifications or complete changes/adaptations, do not hesitate to contact me. And i'll set up a website for such a purpose.

The full source code can be found here;

The 2.70Mb zip file contains all the work ive done.

Note: If anyones interested in documenting the entire source (code comments etc.) also do not hesitate to contact me. As it would help projects based upon this better.

Extra extra note: iPublish uses a lot of extensions (Especially SP1) goto:

To get the latest exts. (iPublish requires MMF build 117, and the bonus pack)

Happy clicking And look out for iPublish 2004 this year

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Posted by Herb 22nd May, 2004

Wow, good work once again, even on the quick wash, wait that's for arial advert, well, it rocks!
Posted by ChrisB 23rd May, 2004

Website machines live longer with iPublish!
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd May, 2004

Leave RIGHT NOW, Branch.
Posted by Villy 23rd May, 2004

Posted by Tigerworks 23rd May, 2004

Cool, it's pretty rare for something big & cool like this to the have source released too. It should make the front page.
Posted by Gamer 23rd May, 2004

Excellent. Gizmostripe, good job.
Posted by ChrisB 23rd May, 2004

You can't get rid of me! I have friends in high up places - like Uncle Wallashu, in the Himalayas.
Posted by Tom Alder 23rd May, 2004

whats the point of this? {laugh} :x
Posted by Simon Colmer 24th May, 2004

well looks like its come to an end. But stil is very good and i like how it is so profesional looking. It runs a bit lagg y on my comp bu that might just be me! Good work :D
Posted by Cherry Lee 29th May, 2006






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