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iPublish 2
Author: gizmo Submitted: 19th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 310
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By gizmostripe on 2/28/2005

Edited By gizmostripe on 2/19/2005

Edited By gizmostripe on 2/19/2005

All I can say is...finally! iPublish 2, yet another burden of mine is finally done and over with. And I hope the click community recognises the hard work done by me and the many people who have helped develop, test and shape another big application release, now for the descriptive text

iPublish 2 is a simple HTML editor (non WYSIWYG sorry ) with several diverse tools at your disposal, from templates to wizards, snippets and more. Now for the step by step list:

* HTML Syntax highlighting (Not perfect, quite hard to perfect in MMF)

* Code tabbing - Keeps your code indented when you press enter.

* Auto complete - Press "*" near a tag to have iPublish auto complete the tag and its attributes.

* iPublish Toolbox - Instantly find all the functionality iPublish has from a few keystrokes.

* 16 Pre installed plugins with large amounts of functionality, from an ASP hit counter generator to HTML marquee generation.

* 15 Easy to use wizards from inserting web safe colours to a full blown vitalize generator.

* Multiple basic templates to get you started

* Robust Table maker wizard, you can merge, split and assign per cell properties.

* Sidebar system - Insert common HTML and ASP elements fast, with optional easy to use dialogs (PHP coming soon!)

* Beautiful, sleek looks - Designed by Tom Boyce (Isaacboy - Creator of Contact Box), iPublish 2 looks and feels good from the moment you launch it.

* Preview with multiple browsers - Add your own installed browsers, or preview with your default browser.

* Open all files from a directory - Handy for opening entire websites.

* Full-featured image inserter - Preview and adjust all HTML aspects of an image, it even correctly generates the relative path to the current document.

* 2 MDI (Multiple document interface) modes - Go tabbed, or have a nice large buttoned layout. Itís up to you.

* Inbuilt update checking - Never be left behind if something new arrives.

* Snippets - Add you favourite pieces of code for easy inserting into iPublish, build a library of essential elements.

And the obvious Much more. I would also like to thank everyone again, itís been a wonderful project and I will keep it up to date

Download away - Primary download link is an installer, but below are the .zip and .rar formats:

(ZIP is 4.13MB)

(RAR is 3.20MB)

NOTE: The splash will say "testing purposes only" this i cant change, as i lost visual basic. It dosent affect operation AT ALL.

NOTE NOTE: Clicking the first item, then the third item in the template selector will lag, i dont know how to fix this, but again this dosent affect anything.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: lol, some texts refer to iPublish as in beta, dont worry lol.

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Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 19th February, 2005

Thumbs up
Posted by The Chris Street 19th February, 2005

Well, looks like the GOTW in two weeks time has been sorted.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th February, 2005

@Circy - Huh?
Posted by Tom Boyce 19th February, 2005

Great work mate... finally got there. How longs it been now 1 or 2 years :D
Posted by Klikmaster 19th February, 2005

Excellent application. I agree there Circy ;)
Posted by Assault Andy 19th February, 2005

Brilliant and beautiful.
Posted by vortex2 19th February, 2005

Great work, looks amazing. (do you think you have enough screenshots? ;))
Posted by Liquixcat 19th February, 2005

GOTW?? yeah, this is the coolest game I've ever seen. It perfectly simulates a real HTML program....what a great game....
Posted by Zi-Xiao 19th February, 2005

unquestionably well done but not sure if it should qualify for GOTW...
Posted by Galaxy613 19th February, 2005

There should be GAME OTW, and APP OTW, or should it be OTM(of the Month) sense it's so rarely MMF apps come out? :P Great work gizmo!
Posted by Gamer 19th February, 2005

AOTW, easily.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 19th February, 2005

AOTY, easily
Posted by Blaz3R 20th February, 2005

wow! amazing! very nice:D
Posted by amehrban 20th February, 2005

I love it except I really wish there was a wysiwyg , Dreamweaver MX and Frontpage has a design , split & code . If you had them in Ipublish 2 then I can see how powerful and MMF application can get.
Posted by X_Sheep 20th February, 2005

YOU STOLE MY PLUGIN!! XD The Special Character Inserter Plugin has your name on it, but I made it in the first place :P Could you fix that? Thanks :P
Posted by amehrban 20th February, 2005

Stealing Plug-ins!!! Maybe credit should be inserted but this is copyright so laws have to be laws
Posted by X_Sheep 20th February, 2005

Nah, he didn't steal it, he just accidently put his name on it :P And I'm in the credits anyway :P
Posted by DeadmanDines 20th February, 2005

WYSIWYG editors would be immensely hard. You'd virtually have to build an entire browser from scratch. Not just interpretting HTML, but CSS too, and combining them. Not a task for the faint-of-heart. I would personally just encourage an in-built preview window, like in the MSDE (Microsoft Development Environment) - so you click a tab and it shows you instantly what it would look like in IE (or Firefox, if FF can be interfaced with an ActiveX).
Posted by The Chris Street 20th February, 2005

Well, iPublish1 won GOTW... but I'm unconvinced about renaming it to AOTW... it doesn't have the same ring to it. Basically what I'm saying is that this will wipe the floor with any competition, thats all...
Posted by gizmo 20th February, 2005

hehe, glad you all like it :) Dines: You have a valid point, in some of the beta tests i did have that kind of tabbed system implemented, but MMF tended to deteriorate a lot when ActiveX is concerned. But im not saying it wont be there in the future :) Everyone: A new build is in the works and will be available via the auto update today, it will fix reported problems and add the Plugin SDK so you can have a go at adding to iPublish yourself ;)
Posted by Al 20th February, 2005

This program is awesome, very professional too.
Posted by gizmo 20th February, 2005

Ok update is available - Just an extra note, if you have Mcafee firewall (unsure about others) iPublish will appear to have locked up, just wait a bit until mcafee asks you to allow iPublish Changelog is here;
Posted by kankki 20th February, 2005

Posted by Galaxy613 20th February, 2005

Probley Phizzy just for the heck of doing what everyones not.
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 20th February, 2005

found a bug if you hide the insert html and then show it the use dialog if available checkbox is invisble and stays that way until you move the mouse over where it is.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 20th February, 2005

nice, but how do u loose vb from your pc? and Norton Internet Security 2004 and 2005 it locks up until it asks you if you wanna block it or allow it too, not sure about norton 03 internet security and older, but the subscriptions for those probably ran out by now, lol
Posted by Liquixcat 20th February, 2005

just name it to everything can qualify as a download, hopefully...
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 21st February, 2005

SOTW: Software of the Week, I reckon all games and applications should be valid to enter, na mean? Mike: i have a quick solution for that goto, download AVG, uninstall Norton, install AVG and voila!
Posted by Flava 21st February, 2005

Or we can keep GOTW and just let applications in anyway? I don't think the name matters to much k?
Posted by realvictory 21st February, 2005

How about we say, "first person to make a website using it wins"? - Then it's a game! You can't really call it a game, though... But it looks good, still.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 21st February, 2005

Crystal Clear, its called a firewall, it protects the computer and blocks apps from the net, allowing you to reconfigure, if AVG doesnt block apps from accessing the net, then it isnt very good. I dont know how many times theres been apps i didnt know about trying to download from the net that had a weird name, just tell Norton to block it and it wont be able to connect.
Posted by Steve Harris 21st February, 2005

If you wanna get technical Phizzy, you do have to dload a vitalize game to play it... it gets downloaded to your browser cache XD
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 21st February, 2005

problem : When i click Preview on the toolbar and select Internet Explorer, IE opens, it is saying its trying to go to http://%22c/Program%20Files/GizmoStripe%20Software/iPublish/_iPublish_Previewtemp.htm" shouldnt c/ be c:\ ? How did you do it? Id do "file://" + AppDrive$ + AppPath$ + "/preview.html" (i beleave thats right, i havnt used mmf in a while though) just figured i should tell you
Posted by Joshtek 21st February, 2005

GOTW: Gain Of The Week.... or keep the current, well established, one Nice work GizmoStripe, nice work indeed. Yay, I'm in credits. Err, nice work to everyone else too.
Posted by DarkFish 21st February, 2005

Superb work! Bravo! *claps*
Posted by CsaR 21st February, 2005

the logo kinda reminds me of the sony ericsson logo.
Posted by Dalal 21st February, 2005

It's awesome and professional. One general question: What does the lowercase 'i' stand for in all these names? ex. iMesh, iPublish, iTunes...
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd February, 2005

information? interactive? but looking good, woooh go u!!
Posted by JP 22nd February, 2005

I just jizzed my pants.
Posted by Tom Boyce 22nd February, 2005

The lower case i's in these "iProducts" was a naming concept bought to us all by the one and only Apple. If you search around on their site for a while you will find the whole research docs they produced. But for those of you who don't wanna and like to have things summarized I will put it into as few words as possible. The lower case 'i' before the software name indicates that the software is a small personal tool. Apple research found that naming products with the 'i' made users feel more confident using the software and somehow made the software feel more personal. Apple use a standard naming scheme i+apps job (ie; iPhoto) another way to look at is "I manage my photos" iPhoto... Simple really... Anyhoo enough of my boring blarg.. Well done Gizmo glad you finally got there and now we can finish the rest of the projects we started... BTW: it cost apple nearly $2m to research the i naming concept and it took all of 2 seconds for the world to start using it on their app names.... You know how I feel about the iPublish name though gizmo XD we have had many of long chats about it. Great application though well done.
Posted by Dalal 22nd February, 2005

I only get attracted to 'i' products because it sounds professional. But who knows, it really might affect me subconsciously or something.
Posted by Pixel Monkey 23rd February, 2005

Wow, this is amazing. This may be the first click app that I actually use. Great job!
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th February, 2005

I'm teaching on it HTMl my friends in school it's brilliant :D
Posted by gizmo 28th February, 2005

Ok ive moved my subdomain and ive updated the download :P Existing users will have to manually patch their auto update system, first download this file; Unzip it into the iPublish folder (overwriting the files when it prompts) This is so that the auto updater points to the right site when checking.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 6th March, 2005

hey, you stole my plugin too XD
Posted by gizmo 7th March, 2005

Didnt steal, used with your permission - You all have bad memory!
Posted by 醤油の兵士 9th March, 2005

but it has your name on it :P
Posted by FREEED 12th March, 2005

Really good software , soo pro
Posted by Miguel Nadeau 5th June, 2005

wow :D its very good!!! Oh my god its the best software :)
Posted by Recho 20th September, 2005

Wow, this is amazing software. I have designed maybe five websites with it since I got this a while back, all with some pretty good style to it.





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